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Volunteers Needed for New Product Feedback!

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Dear Community Friends,

We emailed the HC Support Team for permission to post this but never heard back so I hope we're not offending anyone or breaking any rules by posting.

I just recently discovered this forum and after realizing what a valuable resource it is for support and for feedback on various treatments, I quickly became a community member. Since I was diagnosed with Herpes I have been trying all the various treatments on the market, inlcuding most of the perscriptions and OTC remedies. I have had very limited success which has caused me to try everything under the sun in search of a potential new treatment. About 2 years ago, I finally stumbled upon something that worked, and not just a bit but way better then previous treatment attempts with the various products out there. Since my discovery, I have given it to several friends and one family member with very positive feedback. A college buddy of mine who has struggled with HSV 1 for almost 10 years said that he has given up on every product that he's tried but once he tried this, he had remarkable results just the same as I did.

I've partnered with a friend in an attempt to market this product and we're reaching out to the community to receive feedback on our product to make sure it makes sense to take it to market. We've been working with a laboratory in R&D for the past year and a half to refine the original solution and we are ready to launch the product to the marketplace assuming positive feedback. We are willing to extend free samples of the treatment solution in return for feedback on the performance of treating outbreaks. THIS IS NOT A CURE, it has simply helped to eliminate the outbreak upon first signs and helps to avoid the painful formation of blisters and scabs, almost always within 24 hours. At this point in time, we make no claims as to the effectiveness of the product and cannot list the ingredients of it as we're currently in the process of patenting and licensing. We can assure you that the product is all natural and contains no drug or chemical of any kind but of course one should test the solution on a different part of your body to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. We will have a website up shortly for more information at www.alleviasolutions.com. Please keep in mind the website is under construction and will be launched as soon as we are able to get feedback and go to production.

Please feel free to email or PM me with any questions you may have. We are focused as a company in developing a final product that will make life with herpes a lot less painful. We understand that this may be quite a leap of faith for some to try a solution from someone you've never met but if you're like me, you'll be willing to try almost anything to get rid of those nasty outbreaks. At this time, we have enough to send out 30 samples that should last for at least 5 outbreaks. We have never used this on HSV 2 but are of course willing to let anyone with HSV 2 try it should they be interested.

If you are interested in receiving a sample please email info@alleviasolutions.com with the following information:



Email Address

Mailing Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code)

Thanks for your time and commitment to the community.

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We have allowed this post to stay, but please note that the forum does not have any affiliation with this product and we do not endorse it. If you decide to trial this treatment it is at your own risk.


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    • StayingUpbeat
      It should be noted that the Gates foundation was part of a venture capital group that gave Genocea $30 million in support of their vaccine development efforts in the period when their lead candidate was an HSV-2 therapeutic vaccine (GEN-003): https://xconomy.com/boston/2012/10/10/genocea-snags-30m-from-gates-foundation-vcs-for-new-vaccines/ They have also provided 30 million dollars to the University of Washington's HSV efforts.  This time specifically on research into whether suppressing HSV results in a reduction in HIV transmission: https://honeycomb.click/topic/77503-donations-to-fred-hutch-center/page/21/?tab=comments#comment-493474  Far from inactive in HSV research they provide significant funding in the context of reducing HIV transmission.  It's a well established fact that genital HSV greatly increases the probably contracting HIV from an infected partner.
    • Cas9
      Human trials starting next year?  Not even close. It will be several years.
    • hunger4more
      Sounds like X-vaxs' biggest concern is prevention and erradication secondary..... 🤦🏻‍♂️
    • IAmDesperate
      Ahh thank you for the link, but sadly I have HSV1
    • Pitchbird
      It may be small scale but at least it shows me that I'm by far not the only one who isn't willing to disclose to casual partners anymore. The damage for oneself is too high to make it worth it imho: - seduction becomes difficult as guy if they know in advance - you're very likely to become a gossip object if it happens within your social circle - you get abandoned before it even starts to get intense - you end up lonely and depressed after being abandoned for such a reason Still, that doesn't answer the question if it's better to disclose properly out of nowhere during the relationship or wait for the symptoms to appear and pretend to be surprised and fake the doctor diagnosis afterwards. At the moment I think the true disclosure would be less likely to be accepted by the partner, but in case it works it would feel better in the end because there's less of a secret kept in the long run... and of course there's lower moral burden when disclosing earlier because you're handing over responsibility of risk exposure to the partner.
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