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Igg test result low?


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So I was just diagnosed with hsv2 and am trying to cope with the fact I will have this forever. My boyfriend if 9 months is trying to be as supportive as he can. He loves me and we want to spend our lives together but he's so nervous to get it. I had my first outbreak a couple weeks ago with only 1 sore. It healed up pretty quickly on the antivirals and my swab came back positive for hsv2. I went and got an igg blood test last week and it came back as a 2.67 for hsv2 and negative for hsv1.  Is this high meaning u have had it for a while? Or is that on the lower side? I'm just not sure who I got it from. I am not one to sleep around. I am almost 27 and can count on one hand how many men I have been with. My boyfriend just got tested this past weekend and we are still waiting for the results. He said he has always used condoms so he probably doesn't have it. But what are some symptoms for men? He hasn't had a sore but he has had groin pain, burning to pee, and a red shiny patch. The walk in clinic doctor is doing both the igm and igg for him. 

Any advice? We love each other and he says he isn't going anywhere whether he is positive or negative but he is terrified of having it. How long is it safe to wait after a lesion is healed before we can be intimate again? I want to protect him as much as I can. 




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Your test result is on the low positive side.   Assume that is because of one of two things  this may be a newer infection past 2 months or so and you are still building antibodies or that is just how your immune system responded   The numbers don’t mean much in terms of whether they are high or low except when building antibodies   

Hsv2 igg also has a high false negative rate below 3.5 but since you had a swab that is moot   

Mens herpes symptoms can be milder than women but can appear the same just typically not as broad.  To that end symptoms in both male and female to completely asymptomatic to full blown outbreaks   

Ignore IgM test results.  

Your BF shouldn’t be scared if you have it and he has it you can’t get it again   YOur a perfect match!  

You can continue to do oral sex but I would just wait for his results   

But to answer I have heard to be completely safe wait 7 days after full healing   But I believe many do it much sooner or just use a condom the first time or two   

Are you on AVs? Staying on them suppresively will be a good idea to reduce shedding and transmission risk   


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