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I have had cold sores since I was little but recently I got some tiny fluid filled bumps looking like cold sores on my vagina. How can I know if I it was caused by the HSV-1 that causes my cold sores or I have also contracted HSV-2? And is it possible to completely stop outbreaks on my vagina? Or is this something I will have to live with?

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The best thing you can do is get to a doctor and obtain a swab of these bumps. They don't sound like herpes which does not present as individual fluid fill bumps but rather lesions that may have blister style bumps within for a little while before the sore ulcerates and commences healing. Ask to have the swab properly typed if it needs to be a culture test, or request PCR if that can be done.

This approach will answer both questions: is it herpes and type? 

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@WilsoInAusThank you , however, given my location and current circumstances, getting tested anytime soon is not possible. Just to clarify, are you saying that genital herpes does not look like cold sore outbreaks on your vagina? Thats how it started off. I had a little cluster of bumps filled with clear fluid, then they popped and became open sores and now its just healing , similar to the way my coldsores would heal. 

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That is sounding like herpes could be on your list of considerations.

It would really be best to get to a doctor for a swab. There isn’t a sexual health clinic near you? Even a hospital emergency might swab this for you.

If this ultimately proves to be herpes, then we are talking 99%+ chance it’s HSV-2. 

What was your sexual activity in the week before the sores appeared?

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@WilsoInAus Nope. I live in a poor country and the normal std testing packages here doesnt offer the test for herpes. And I want to make sure I dont have anything else too. I hadn't had sex for atleast 3 weeks before this outbreak. However, a few months ago when i was sexually active I felt a bit bruised and the guy checked it out and said it looks like shaving caused it and I didnt really bother with it and when i did look at it it looked like it was indeed caused by shaving but this doesnt

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    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Fernie hope you are going well. The doctor is spot on here. Many people with HSV-1 end up with slightly elevated results for HSV-2 that does not indicate infection with HSV-2. This persists from test to test for some people. The Westernblot would be useful to you, but will just confirm what is being said to you. Most people actually with HSV-2 test above 3.5 on those sorts of tests. 
    • Fernie
      Just got off the phone with a doctor and they said based off the history of my tests, it’s most likely a false positive.    they also said that because I have hsv1 that that could be causing the false positive 
    • ChattyB
      How do you know you have hsv-2 orally.  I read that having hsv-2 orally is highly unlikely. 
    • Fernie
      I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.    Sorry for posting here so much but I’m just lost.   I’ve tested normal on these dates 7/14/2020 0.72 IGG , 10/28/2020 0.89 IGG.    Then I tested low positive 6/6/2021 1.11 IGG.    I went back after that test to confirm the abnormal results on 7/29/2021 0.78 IGG were the results which led me to believe that the first abnormal results were just wrong.    Fast forward to now I just got my results back this morning from 11/27/2021 1.17 IGG, were the results. I’m just so confused, don’t know what to do. I’m going to have a consultation over the phone with a physician today and I also reached out to Terri from Westover Heights.    At this point I’m considering a western blot and I’m so paranoid I also signed up for another full panel std testing. I’m just so confused and stressed out.  Hope my buddy @WilsoInAus sees this  
    • ChattyB
      Did you find out what's going on. I'm having the same exact shit
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