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More outbreak, weather?

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Hi all,

Was diagnosed may 2017. My first ob was not that mayor. It lasted months before my second and than i almost was 7 months before again an ob.

In June it started that i have on and of ob's.

They last a week. A week all gone and than it Starts again. I am getting very tired of constantly Busy with managing outbreaks and feeling tired.

I just cannot find a reason for change accept for weather. In wintertime i almost had no ob's and now in summer it's very bad. I must say in my country we have different seasons in weather. It's also extremely hot. Weeks over 30 degrees which is strange also. Could hot weather be of influence?


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 Since it is more drier in the winter time it makes sense that weather could have an impact on outbreaks since the virus does thrive in damp and moist areas. The accumulation of sweat contributing to that in the summertime.

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I'm having the same problem.  diagnosis was introduced in January and it was two small outbreaks since then, but I'm constantly outbreak in a month :(I think the temperature and sweating triggers

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Quest
      If you workout too much it causes stress to the body and will cause a breakout. I would not know what the magic number is. Your body will tell you.  Mine does. I first learned about this from Holtorf medical Group. When you ate in the gym those powder mixes they have contain a lot of Arginine. I was amazed by the labels. I would think one could get a really great workout within an hour? When your immune system is in action your doc will tell you not to work out.( A bad cold) 
    • GotMeAtLast
      Do you a link to buy the oil that you use?
    • purp7e
      Im totally in on this, but lets face it.  It will never happen, unless Honeycomb takes ownership and starts The Honeycomb Foundation or something.  Im actually surprised its not already done. I would donate without blinking.  @StayingUpbeat Is that on HC's agenda?  Just think about the day it would reach the masses, and the media. The money would have flowed in.
    • asot34
      I don't remember any cold sores I had  How about the marks ?
    • Spinky
      Popping seems to speed things up when I apply the oil after popping. 

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