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Does this look like herpes? (Pictures)

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So  I went to the doctor about a month ago. He said it doesn't look like herpies . Said it wasn't anything that should worry me . But it still hasn't went away . I have one main partner (GF) don't think she'd ever cheat. N one girl who I cheat with but haven't been with in like a month or 2 tryna clean up my act . They both seem to think their clean, n both say their only fucking me . Yes I know they could be lying . So I'm just here, does it look like herpies ? Nothing ever popped , never hurts, aren't sores. Just little bumps that seem like dry pimples.





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You can have herpes and be totally asymptotic. You should get the bumps swabbed just in case. 

... and stop cheating! Either break things off with your girlfriend if you can really be faithful, because it’s not fair to her what you could be exposing her to, or commit to her, and learn how to talk to her about the areas of intimacy that are lacking between the two of you that cause you to want to cheat. She can’t fix something if she doesn’t know there’s a problem 

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Posted (edited)

Let me get you info that will match your docs assessment. BRB :D

Look on Google as Fordyce spots don't resemble HSV at all. They do come come in all sorts of sizes. I hope you feel better! 

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When I went too doctor he said there wasn't nothing to swab . N I stopped cheating lol 

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Doctor said it looks like Molluskum . So to ur knowledge it doesn't look like herpies? 

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Looks pretty much like Molluscum Contagiosum. Symptoms usually appear 1 or 2 months after contagion. It is a purely local infection which goes away after about 6 months, common treatment is surgical removal (low pain) or freezing. Bear in mind that it is highly contagious (by direct contact with the bumps, but also with fomites), so your other girlfriend is now infected too.


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      By George555
      Hi everyone, I recently had unprotected sex with a girl, the day after I noticed my penis glans was red and sore. Since that my glans has cracks and is still slightly red, I get an occasional itchy glans. Just wondered if you could help me. Photos of my penis will be attached .Thank you

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      To give a summary:
      My last sexual encounter besides my current girlfriend of a few months was at Christmas (unprotected oral and genital) with a female.
      In May I had for the first time a flare up in my genital area (penis on the side and at the base and on scrotum), where the skin was itchy and red and my penis was sore with a singular tiny red spot on the shaft . These symptoms lasted 4 weeks at which time I tried using cream and tablets for thrush as that was what my GP thought it was which didnt work. I showed pictures to a lady at the gum glinic after I managed to get an appointment as at that point my symptoms had gone, she said she didnt think it was anything to worry about and I tested negative for all stds (excluding herpes which at the time I didn't know they dont test for unless syptoms are present).
      I thought it was nothing to worry about then and since forgot about it. I however have had the same symptoms come back again on Sunday night with a single red spot on my penis shaft which went away after a few days but my penis still feels somewhat sore and the skin around the side of my penis itches and on my scrotum. I have no lesions or sores that have burst open or have any liquid in and have never had a coldsore in my life, I am worried this is non typical symptoms of a herpes infection and bought over the counter aciclovir cream and tablets from an online chemist to try and treat it myself until I can get another appointment at the gum clinic.
      I now have a girlfriend who has never had any symptoms of anything at all and I am worried and scared I may have given her the infection if it is herpes due to the fact we have sex without the use of condoms.
      1. Does this sound like it could be symptomatic of herpes? 2. Is this likely based on the fact the same syptoms have re-occured or could it be something else?
      (Apologies I cannot upload the photos as they are too large for the limit on this website)
      Thank you.
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      i have seen some posts on this. But thought i would ask. I think i may be having an ob. I started the anti virals. I have hsv 2. If i am ,how long is it safe for my body to wait to have sex. ?And to have it less contagious for the guy im seeing. There isnt anything that visable when i get an ob but its very sore so i know its happening. Should i wait two weeks ? Or if i feel better its ok? 
      Let me know your thoughts please. 
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      A good compilation of ongoing clinical trials for herpes is on this website:
      I also like this site for an idea of what's currently being funded by the NIH/NIAID.  You can also view all of their publications on HSV:
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    • Quest
      If you workout too much it causes stress to the body and will cause a breakout. I would not know what the magic number is. Your body will tell you.  Mine does. I first learned about this from Holtorf medical Group. When you ate in the gym those powder mixes they have contain a lot of Arginine. I was amazed by the labels. I would think one could get a really great workout within an hour? When your immune system is in action your doc will tell you not to work out.( A bad cold) 
    • GotMeAtLast
      Do you a link to buy the oil that you use?
    • purp7e
      Im totally in on this, but lets face it.  It will never happen, unless Honeycomb takes ownership and starts The Honeycomb Foundation or something.  Im actually surprised its not already done. I would donate without blinking.  @StayingUpbeat Is that on HC's agenda?  Just think about the day it would reach the masses, and the media. The money would have flowed in.
    • asot34
      I don't remember any cold sores I had  How about the marks ?
    • Spinky
      Popping seems to speed things up when I apply the oil after popping. 

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