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anonymous one

how many have had it soread to other parts of the body

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anonymous one

I have been reading on here and it seems like it spreads to easy and you dont even have to have a blister for it to spread... I dont know if I am having my frst outbreak or not... I feel a little tingling and sometimes a little itch but I have had the tingling for like a couple weeks... So someone who hasnt experienced the signs, and I read on Web MD that the first outbreak has the highest chance of spreading. Then I may not realize I am having an outbreak or I may just think I am being paranoid cause honestly I dont know if it is an OB or not... I could easily spread it to my fingers?

So I was wanting to hear from people who have spread it as well as people who have had it for a while and hasnt spread it to other parts of the body...

I dont want to have added unneccesary stress but at the same time I dont want to underestimate this virus...

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Self infection - Spreading the virus to other body areas

Auto-innoculation (also known as self infection) of the Herpes simplex virus is extremely unlikely to occur after the first "primary" outbreak, unless the immune system is severely compromised.

In general, auto-innoculation is not very common.

If you are experiencing your first outbreak just be mindful not to touch the infection and if you do, as a precaution wash your hands and any affected skin areas with soap and water as soon as possible afterwards. This will help to prevent spreading the virus further.

Just be sensible and everything should be fine.

For more information please read this article:


Hope this helps ;)


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During my first outbreak--which I did not realize was an outbreak until almost one week into what I thought was just the worst flu I've ever had--I accidentally spread it to my right knee and the front of my neck.

My 2nd outbreak (right now) is only affecting the area on my neck. It's not as ugly or big as the first time, thankfully. It does create a painful lump in my neck gland. The blistered area is easy enough to hide in the winter by wearing turtlenecks. Don't know how I will hide it if this happens in warmer weather. Eventually, some nosy person is going to ask what it is; I have no idea what I will say.

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