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SADBE is an immunoactivator that is already successfully used for HPV and works exceptionally for HSV too.

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SADBE is already used to fight against HPV virus, which is also a skin virus with manifestations on the skin for which there is no cure (as well as HSV)

I use SADBE for a couple of weeks and my experience is that it is better than acyclovir if it is applied every day during OB. If SADBE is applied every third day, it can easily replace the suppressive acyclovir therapy. Which of these two is less toxic remains unknown. 

How I studied SADBE can be used for half a year without any problems. If you do not see the results in  half a year you can switch to a stronger dose (higher concentration). This is all FDA approved for children suffering from HPV warts.

Best regards to you all.


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5 minutes ago, a1mbt said:

where can you get this please? as in a safe source



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