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SADBE is an immunoactivator that is already successfully used for HPV and works exceptionally for HSV too.

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SADBE is already used to fight against HPV virus, which is also a skin virus with manifestations on the skin for which there is no cure (as well as HSV)

I use SADBE for a couple of weeks and my experience is that it is better than acyclovir if it is applied every day during OB. If SADBE is applied every third day, it can easily replace the suppressive acyclovir therapy. Which of these two is less toxic remains unknown. 

How I studied SADBE can be used for half a year without any problems. If you do not see the results in  half a year you can switch to a stronger dose (higher concentration). This is all FDA approved for children suffering from HPV warts.

Best regards to you all.


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5 minutes ago, a1mbt said:

where can you get this please? as in a safe source



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    • blurneworder
      That’s why I’m seeing a specialist who can do that. Not every doctors office have swabs available, so maybe that’s the case here. I’ve called urgent care clinics before to ask if they swab for HSV and many around here said no.  
    • WilsoInAus
      I doubt this. If the doctor had ANY suspicion that you had herpes around the eye a swab would  have been taken. Gross negligence otherwise. This is totally insulting to the intellect of our readers. Mate, it’s time to leave the delusion behind before you do yourself or anyone else real harm. What do you have to fear by believing you do not have herpes?
    • blurneworder
      Would you like to call my eye doctor and tell them this? The cornea is fine, but there is damage to the outside of my eye. Damage she has seen in other patients with herpes of the eye. I am not making this stuff up. 
    • blurneworder
      Do you have any photos? Sounds similar to me.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hang on that’s not the case. The doctor knows full well those symptoms align potentially to long term HSV-1 infections. You cannot do a swab for eye herpes. The diagnosis involves inspection of the cornea. I am not sure why you feel the need to spread misinformation. Of course you have tested negative for HSV more than three months post possible infection. It is DANGEROUS to both yourself and others to assume your symptoms are herpes related when they may actually be serious. Please reflect upon your need to attempt to erroneously validate other people’s symptoms in order to support a baseless interpretation of your own symptoms.

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