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hi, i'm completely new to this, i'm really rubbish at using computers so i'm not really sure how all this stuff works!

i'm 17 and have just been diagnosed with H, i'll have my results back soon as to what type i am.

it's so unlucky as i have only ever slept with one boy- my boyfriend and only lost my virginity about 3months ago! he's lucky as he shows no symptoms what so ever and doesnt even get cold sores on his mouth! but im here in agony! i always thought about stds being uncomfortable but they are soooo painful!!!

i know this isnt a very pleasant topic to talk about but any advice on going to the toilet? peeing is incredibly painful even if i try in the bath and going for a 'number two' is almost impossible, i literally had to lie down on my bathroom floor yesterday for almost an hour after because i couldnt move i was in so much pain!!

..and the thoughts of having this again!!! im so scared, once is bad enough! and to make matters worse im on my period now too...any tips on whether tampons or pads are better? i keep reading to wear loose clothes to let the air in but surely a pad would stop this! and im scared a tampon would be too painful-i can barely touch the area!

this is such a horrible thing to have-i had no idea how much it would affect my life. im off school and work and im reading all sorts of things about a re-occurance.

im totally new to all of this so any advice, please reply:) you all seem so supportive on here, i need some of this:D


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There are some suggestions for going to the bathroom. Some people have mentioned peeing in a tub, someone else mentioned running water over your privates while you pee, to clean the urine off the sores as soon as it hits (i had to do something similar after having my daughter cause the catheter was pulled out wrong). I don't have much advice on #2.

Are you on any medications? Have you considered antivirals or something less main-stream like Dynamiclear? Also, some people say that hydrogen peroxide can reduce the pain for a little while, and someone else even mentioned lanisol (sp) (the cream for cracking nursing nipples).

Good luck! I hope the pain is over soon! For most people, their first outbreak is the worst, and hopefully that's true for you too!

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It is better to wear breathable clothes like cotton so the area isn't stifled and further irritated. But if you're on your period there's no avoiding having to wear a pad, which is what I recommend. I was on my period for my first OB too and couldn't bear the thought of using a tampon! Of course at the time I didn't think I was ever gonna want to stick anything up there again :rolleyes:

As for peeing, I found leaning forward helped for me. Also, try spreading your legs and also spreading the lips apart "down there" so the pee isn't hitting anything on the way down. I don't have much suggestions on going #2, I just kinda toughed it out :x

Don't worry about herpes affecting your life. Sure, you'll have some itching and burning every once in a while, but the OBs should decrease in intensity as time goes on. And as catiesmom pointed out, the first OB is usually the worst. Just make sure you make any future sexual partners aware of your condition and have them wear condoms for some protection, and avoid sexual contact at all when you are having an OB. Practice good hygiene and wash your hands often, especially after touching a sore so you don't accidentally reinfect yourself elsewhere.

We've all been in the same boat you have, and lead normal, healthy lives. Hopefully you can someday have the attitude that herpes is just a bothersome little skin condition that affects you every so often but doesn't change the wonderful person you are. You're not being punished, the virus is a lot more common than people would like to admit. Keep us posted and feel free to ask any questions you have :) Good luck!

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awh thanks guys!

im on aciclovir and pain killers and i have this gel stuff to put on before i pee with local anaesthetic in it...thats painful to put on too but a lot better than peeing!

the leaning forward thing's a good idea:) thank you.

im hoping i wont have any obs after this one! WHAT an insentive to stay healthy! ill take vitamins and exercise and every thing-i NEVER want to go through this again!

this site's really helpful, it just makes it seem so common and less of a thing you deal with on your own because even though my boyfriend has it he shows no symptoms so he doesnt really know what its like.

thank you, any further tips...let me know!!



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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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