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36 weeks pregnant and confused

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All this from what the doctor told me and look up in my medical fill. So back in 2013 I went to the ER for lesion on my vaginal area. The ER just gave me medicine without the results. I than later a few weeks later went to my clinic. The doctor there took a culture of lesion (on vaginal) it came back postive for hsv 1 and negative for hsv 2. The doctor prescribed antiviral pills. So I go to the doctor again in 2016 for lesion again this time another doctor at my clinic does the culture (on vaginal). It comes back positive for hsv 1 and negative for hsv 2. In 2017 I go back to my clinic to have a well women. They took my blood for hsv 1 and hsv 2. Both came back not detected. Now I'm 2018 in one of the doctors at my clinic says I have hsv 2. I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and freaking out. They want me to take antiviral. Here we're I'm confused the doctor was not sure because she was reading other people notes left in my chart. She also said it can't be hsv 1 because it was on my gential area. That the blood test I had done could gave a false negative result. In the only way for sure I would if I have it is if I had a outbreak and came back for her to test it. I want know has anyone else experience this? In should the herpes antibodies be in my blood if I had since 2013 or 2016? Please help me

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Sorry for the confusion you must be dealing with here. This is what I believe is happening.

I think you have genital hsv 1 and that your blood test was a false negative (perhaps because quite a bit of time has passed since you were infected likely in 2013 and the antibodies have since dropped, or because the IGG test misses 30% of HSV1 cases, or both reasons). I think it's safe to say that you do not have hsv 2. Your doctor in 2018 is misinformed, just because someone has genital HSV doesn't mean it's automatically type 2. Type 1 can also present itself on the genitals and if you have had a positive swab for HSV1 that confirms it over a negative blood test.

What you could do is get a Western Blot for confirmation, as it is a more accurate blood test than the standard IGG and it would likely pick up the HSV1 but since you have had a positive culture, I would take that as the evidence you need.

You and your baby will be just fine. I don't know a lot about pregnancy and HSV, maybe someone else can speak to that but it may be a good idea to take antivirals just in case, although the risk is very low unless there is an active outbreak at the time of birth-- from my understanding. Also, you seem to have quite an established infection (seeing as this began in 2013) meaning that any risk is further reduced.

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    • Mikeike3
      Denavir never did a good job blocking much for me and my derm said this is the norm. my next step is to do a few other blood checks to make sure I’m not destroying my insides and also add in tens which has been shown to reduce shingles outbreaks to hopefully deactivate as much of the virus as possible. Targeting lower back and thighs for this  disclaimer is that I’ve had no positive tests from wb igg culture or dna pcr so going off of visual diagnosis with md and fact I never responded to fungal and bacterial treatments over the course of a year . 
    • Kurdt01
      Yeah I'd love to get a line on somewhere cheaper to get this. There has to be somewhere you'd think...I"m anxious to try it with Valtrex.
    • Mikeike3
      Approaching my first week of amena valtrex cccombo with denavir as needed.  100mg and 1g respectively. Read multiple human and animal studies around safety and excretion methods vs valtrex, and a newer study around discovering contraindications for amena (warfarin) I did three weeks of 1g valtrex and 50mg amena and lysine etc but ended up with a full blown break out of balanitis and spot on my lip line along with pain.  Gone in two days but sucked. Dr swabbed dna on penis but redness was gone and came back negative so going to do another , will be hard to swab while on meds anyway as amena reduces shedding significantly to undetectable levels in guinea pigs, I have this study.   so far 100mg is superior. Still getting prodrome each day but haven’t woken up with any surprises or broken out yet.    my supplement only breakout frequency was every four or five days plus increased prodrome.  Gf is pleased.
    • Ely
      Buy i Lilium candidum flowers, put them in the container with olive oil let them rest there for 40 days in the warm place after that time use it like topic is natural remedy for healing of burns wounds,  prevents scaring try it its not hard to find salute 
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