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hello everyone

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I am very new to this and have so many questions, so please forgive me if this post is super long! A few days ago it really hurt to urinate; like unbelievable pain and then about a half a day later I started getting some bumps down there. From that point on, it just got worse. Yesterday, I finally went to the doctor because I could barely walk. She never actually tested me for herpes, but I figured that it was pretty obvious. Also, I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection as well..yippee..:( She gave me valtrex, which was super expensive by the way, and also zovirax ointment because she thought that would make some of the pain go away when i had to go to the bathroom. i am supposed to apply it topically 6 times a day. when i put it on it stings and it does not help with the pain, it still kills to go to the bathroom. also this ointment makes it impossible to keep it dry down there, which is what seems to be the way to go to make my OB go away faster. should i continue to use this ointment? I skipped all of my classes and work today because it hurts so bad to walk. I know I have only been taking meds for about a day and a half, but I figured that maybe it would get a little better, so I could at least walk. Anyway, any information is appreciated...thank you!

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