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I don’t want to tell people anymore

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I don’t want to lie. I really just rather not date. I get rejected every time and it’s not a good feeling. At this point i know I won’t find anyone who will accept this and if I do I’ll be settling for what settles for me. This depresses me so much it makes me not want to exist. I don’t want to kill my self or anything like that...I just would rather not exist. I don’t see why I have to live like this. I don’t want to cry anymore I don’t want to hurt anymore I’m tired of people saying such hurtful shit I’m tired of every time a man approaches me I have to turn him down before he hurts me or rejects me cause I know already. It’s the same thing every time and I just don’t know how to deal with this. Don’t tell me be alone and work on me...I’ve been doing that for 3 years and I’m tired of being alone. I know me I feel like a beautiful person with so much to offer and it’s not enough cause I’m not worth the risk. I hurt so much... and I don’t know how to fix it and in 9 years I haven’t seen a relief to this I never will. I don’t see the point 

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Hey keep getting out there and meeting new guys because one of them will accept you just because the last one didn't doesn't mean that the next guy you disclose too won't accept you. Also you could try positivesingles I see your gfrom the U.s. theres a ton of guys that have herpes there keep looking many people have met there match and have been accepted and i'm sure you will meet someone.

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You are not poisoned flower! It is actually a numbers game and plow through the nos like a salesman. They get hundreds of no s before they get a yes. It just is. It is not bad or good, it just is. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Don't settle for crumbs!

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Have you tried a dating site for people who are herpes positive? 

Also, how do you inform people? Some people think the herpes is the problem, but it has more to do with how you are coming across when you disclose. For instance, on another website, a woman talked about she usually cried during disclosure. This is a huge no-no. As is disclosing right out the gate before you get a chance to know each other. It's important that you are clear about the condition and inform the other person of their chances of contracting it, but if you make it seem like it's a huge deal, or if you act like you expect them to reject you, they will read your cues and also think it's a big deal. Also, if they just met you, and have no concept of who you are, then they likely won't have a good sense of what they risk losing by not risking herpes. That old cliche "confidence is key" is very true here. 

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Godcanhealme
      Update: I plan on getting tested in mid November, so about a month from now, it’s been 6 months since lip breakout and after taking olive leaf extract recently, I think I finally have the anal itch under control, it’s virtually non existent so I’m hoping for improvement over the next month, I’ll keep y’all posted 
    • valleynovascotia
      I think someone else posted about this. I read the same article, it's exciting news lets hope it succeeds.
    • bufshof
      My testicles itch badly too , I usually take a cool bath with epsom salts to stop the itch . I have had the itching off and on for years. Your not alone. 
    • ella2016
      I have to agree. I'm actually...fine? I freaked out at my first OB last month, but then after reading all the information out there, and starting taking care of myself, I don't think about it most days. There is the occasional anxiety and I haven't worked up the courage to tell people except my bf, but I read a lot about people talking like its the end of the world (which makes me think "Should I be worrying more?"). Of course, everyone's feelings are valid, but, personally, I wish I had someone to talk to about this that isn't completely distraught. 
    • Forest

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