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Hi guys I am worried if I got herpes. I have gone to the doctor and they have all said I am fine, I recently had Oral sex from a girl I met. I had it done two times. The first time I was fine and the next time, I felt pain in my urine.  Uti tests and stds tests expect for Herpes was done and I was good. The pain went away but I have these red sores and I am confused if they are anything? The doctor said they are normal but I just want some feedback. Thank you guys please comment.  My pictures are there 













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Looks most like fordyce spots to me. Yeast and bacteria would also be higher in your list than herpes.

Overall though, they look like normal fordyce spots.

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@WilsoInAus Thank you! Even that picture that looks like a red sore ? I honestly have felt irritated but only when I over think. I’ve read some people don’t even have any symptoms but not one pictured looks like it? Thank you 

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No, nothing looks like herpes.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Bhbr2018
      Hey Carrie, firstly sorry you’re going through this. I  want to tell you my story and then you can draw your own conclusions. day 1: sex day 3/4: horrible fatigue, headache, and feeling unwell day 6: woke up in middle of night wired. Felt bumps down there. Knew I had herpes. Just knew.  Day 10-24: horrific outbreak 25+ sores, suicidal unable to function.  On day 7 I had swab and blood test. Was shocked when It came back positive for Ghsv1 because it was a quicky with no oral. Negative blood test, positive swab. Now I was ALWAYS tested for HSV prior to this so luckily I didn’t have to wonder.  the guy who gave it to me got tested and was positive for HSV1. Never mentioned it to me, told me, or even showed me his results. Scum. I would say the only way you can be 100 % sure is to get a swab AND and blood test igg. If the swab is positive and blood test negative highly likely YES Michael gave you herpes. You should see his results with your own eyes. Don’t let him make you feel like shit as he’s the douche who prob.put you in this situation. 
    • Celinaxox
      yeah either I'm unlucky or it's the fact that it's the first year and it's going to take some more time for my antibodies to  build up gosh their lazy
    • bigfella01
      P.S...The reason that I think that Biotron may have left the herpes viruses off their website this time is because living in Australia I contacted Admedus when they announced their HSV 2 vaccine trials to see if I could get on and the lady there told me that they had been "overwhelmed" and "surprised" at just how many people had been contacting the company in regards to the trials and with questions about the vaccine. Having done some more reading about Biotrons BIT225 it does seem impressive at this stage.  
    • blurneworder
      Any updates?
    • chinga

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