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Does stress cause outbreaks?

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I'm coming up to my 2nd month outbreak free. I got diagnosed in may with ghsv1 and had an outbreak every month around my period. I first thought certain food was causing my ob, then I thought my periods but I've eaten a lot of rubbish food over the last 2 months and drank so much caffeine but had no outbreak. The only thing that has changed is my job. My job now is alot more stressful but it's a different kind of stress.  My previous job was an adrenaline induced stress that happened consistently throughout the day ( I used to catch shoplifters). My job now is a stay at home job but it's 24/7 ( foster carer)  and it gets very tiring and stressful! Is it possible that adrenaline induced stress was causing my outbreaks or is my body just getting used to the virus? 

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Some would say that stress is the only cause of outbreaks!!!

But the more likely explanation is that your body gets better and better at dealing with the virus over time. Quite significantly in the first couple of years!

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Stress and lack of sleep, basically anything that raises cortisol the stress hormone. Low thyroid function is another. 

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    • WilsoInAus
      @Balancelife when you get a positive test, sue him!
    • JHenry
      Read what I wrote and start Googling.  Both the Einstein College of Medicine (William Jacobs and Betsy Herold)  and University of Pennsylvania/Trivalent (Harvey Friedman) seem to believe they are on the right track and have established relationships outside of their respective universities.  Yes, it’s early, but they are taking the bat and readying to swing at HSV.   Cross those fingers and stay positive!  
    • WilsoInAus
      Where ever you are trolling, I’ll be right there.
    • SeanHanson
      Fingers crossed!! Could you elaborate a bit on the research or maybe post a link to it? Definitely could be a little light in the dark 🙂
    • Balancelife
      I just found out that the person I suspected I got this shit from has been having symptoms for YEARS! For years and never saw a doctor or got tested. Even after I was diagnosed he wouldn’t get himself checked. He said “if I do have it too, it just means we’re meant to be together” like what in the actual f*ck!!! This guy is a friend of a friend and has been wanting to date me for a while but I was never interested...until one lonely drunk night he ruined my life!!! Even after my diagnosis he lied to me about this. He told me he’s never even suspected he had a problem. I had to find out from our mutual friend that he’s had symptoms for years! I want to smash his face in with a baseball bat! 
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