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Please stop with the penis pics.

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ok...I'm sorry but im new here. but is it common for guys to post their dicks in here??? Is this a real thing on a public site????  Its bad enough to try and date and get a dick pic out of nowhere but seriously?????

I know we all have issues and unsure but there are doctors for that. I think I am already traumatized enough without seeing a random one.

can we please stop with the dick pics?  Sigh

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Yes very common.  Please don’t click on threads with “pic” in the title and everyone can coexist peacefully

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Have people ever heard of “cropping” we don’t need to see your junk. Go see a doctor!!! Sigh

Edited by NewBeMeowMeow

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      Try eating garlic or putting dynamiclear on it.. 
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      Tnank you
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      I'm not that well versed in HPV but HPV eventually is cleared by the body on its own.  A vaccine does exist which helps immunize against certain strains of HPV (not all of them), but will not treat HPV for those who already have it.  Everyone, male and female, who is eligible should get the Gardasil vaccine. If a new vaccine exists to treat HPV that's great, but I'm doubtful based on a quick Google search.
    • AMM
      I am new to all of this. My girlfriend has been told by a docter she has Human Papillomavirus (HP) and that in Mexico they have a cure they just develop, I guess a month or so ago Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine , have anyone heard of this. It is a lot on the internet about it. But I don't know how much I trust it.. Thank you AMM

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