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Ex wants me back- doesn’t know I have herpes

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I’ve been on and off with my ex that I dated and lived with for 2 years. He’s recently been contacting me more frequently, and two nights ago asked me to go on a weekend trip with him. I’m assuming it’s to see if we can talk about / rekindle our relationship.  And not just for the fun of it. I believe it’s leading towards serious/ marriage and children path. 

Since i know him well and lived with him, I know exactly his thoughts on how he feels about herpes. I’m almost 100% positive if I disclose its going to hurt me. We have talked about herpes in the past and I know it’s a deal breaker for him. The funny thing is I never knew his hsv status while we were together but still- I don’t know what to do. Do I ask him for his paperwork? Is that obvious? By the way I have GHSV1 and he’s 36 so isn’t there a high possibility he has HSV1? Please help :( i don’t want him to think I’m disgusting 

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There’s a few things that make people disgusting, having herpes sure is not one of them.

I’d go on the weekend with no intention of sex or disclosing just yet. If the weekend yields the outcome that a relationship is on the cards, then you suggest mutual testing explicitly including HSV with results to be disclosed.

At that time I feel it would be good to disclose. If all there is are two pieces of paper that both say HSV-1+ I’d like to think that would be cool for everyone.

Either way, you’ll both be fully informed to make the choice of proceeding or otherwise (which would be sad if it were this option due to herpes).


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