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I AM VERY SCARED I am not familiar at all with herpes viris! not even in school they dont really tell ppl about it! i kissed my bf 5 days ago and now I have a cold sore above my lip it started appearing 3 days ago and i told my mom it was getting worse and she told me that it looked like herpes!!! I AM VERY SCARED and started looking up information on the internet on herpes and found this Forum! its a raised bump with grey in the middle and above my upper lip! ARE COLD SORES HERPES?! if you are infected with HVS1 WILL YOU HAVE IT FOR LIFE?! HOW LONG DOES IT LAST?!




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coldsores are herpes

Dear Tina,

Yes, coldsores are caused by herpes. So far everything I've read says that there isn't a cure for herpes. Sounds pretty scary and disheartening, doesn't it? Before you freak out too much, go see a doctor who can get a viral culture and tell you for sure.

I hope that it turns out it isn't a coldsore on your lip! I got my first (and so far, only) coldsore not too long ago, and it's no picnic, I'll tell you that.

Good luck! I hope you don't have it!!!

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Yes cold sores are herpes... But don't feel bad... they are EXTREMELY common.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn't kiss anyone or give oral sex to anyone WHILE you have the cold sore present...

When the cold sore is gone, you should not worry about kissing someone.

Also... Don't pick at your cold sore... if you do, wash your hands...

(that's almost surely how I got HSV genitally was from picking a cold sore and then touching myself)

And they said masturbation was safe sex :roll: !!!!! LOL :p:p:p:p


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Guest Anonymous

THANKS ALOT YOU GUYS! i have never had a cold sore in my life! nor have i ever had oral sex or sex for that matter but yeah i think i got it through kissing but i am just worried that it is HERPES! and that my bf mite have it and worst of all it wont go away and i have a dinner date to go to tommorow and nothing helps the cold sore go away! :?

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Coldsore, be gone!

Dear Tina,

I've read about several things that can help make a coldsore go away faster (although no method is instant.) Try picking up some Abreva. It's over the counter and costs around $16. It's supposed to help it heal faster. You can also get a prescription for some antiviral medication. I was prescribed Acyclovir, and then I asked for a few Valtrex pills just in case of an outbreak.

My first outbreak took a long time to heal which my doctor thought was normal. Your first outbreak is usually the worst. After that, they are usually milder (according to websites.)

Good Luck!

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Guest Anonymous

THANKS! i tried various medications but now its just scabed up but are ALL COLD SORES HERPES?! also is Herpes like aids?! (once u have it you are stuck with it for life?) well thanks alot for you input guys its really helping!


Tina :wink:

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also is Herpes like aids?! (once u have it you are stuck with it for life?)

Right now, there is no cure for HSV.

But saying herpes is like aids... is a bit dramatic.. Outside of the fact that their is no cure for either... That's really the only thing they have in common.

There's a million medical conditions that you can get that you are stuck with for life... Diabetes, psoriasis, etc... In fact, of ALL the things that you can be 'stuck with for life' HSV is probably one of the BEST to be stuck with.

Physically its one of the least intrusive into your life... Emotionally, it can be one of the least intrusive also, if you choose to keep it in perspective, and not let your mind run wild with self-destructive doom and gloom.

Good luck!



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my friend told me that not all cold sores are herpes that some cold sores are normal that are caused by stress or wheather and that you can only get herpes cold sores by doing something with someone thats infected... is this true? that not all cold sores are herpes?! i only have 1 cold sore above my lip of my mouth thats bout all i have NO OUTBREAKS is it still Herpes?!

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