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Female with external outbreaks on R buttock.  I have gotten to where i can control the itching or stinging using poultices.  (I have tried lots of creams that i threw away.  Beware of Amazon reviews!  A lot of them r fake.)  Anyway, the poultices also keep the lesions from advancing to blister stage and they just fade away in a few days MOST of the time.  I have been using a slice of cucumber on a nonstick pad.  However, am currently in an extra bad OB where i could tell that area was going to break out in more lesions, so i did slices to cover a larger area and cut a minipad up for a customized bandage.  I have to use paper tape to keep the bandage on regardless, and am extremely pleased to discover the use of minipads for this.  Cheaper and stronger than bandages by far!  So, anyway that worked well to discourage other lesions from popping up in that area.  I recently bought a papaya, altho I dont like the taste.  Actually, theyre pretty tasteless.  Cut it up in chunks to add to smoothies.  Very high in lysine.  So i did a poultice of papaya a couple of times and that works well too.  Easy and cheap to keep these items on hand.

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