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Non-stop outbreaks

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I got diagnosed around May this year with Hsv2. My first outbreak felt like the flu (swollen lymph nodes, tiredness, body aches) and eventually I got a huge painful cut below the opening of my vagina with one maybe two small sores that didn't hurt. My obgyn prescribed valtrex and a steroid creme (I think?) just for the cut. I decided to stay on valtrex daily and I increase it to twice a day during breakouts. (I know steroids cause herpes flare ups, I can't remember off of the top of my head what she gave me but it didn't make things worse, it healed the cut quickly.) It cleared up within a week and I didn't really have any problems with hsv2 for about two months after that. Then August came around and school started back up for me. I have had continuous non-stop breakouts since and it's been AWFUL. 

The first week of August I had a breakout of around 3 sores and they took about two weeks to heal. A week after that, another one popped up. It was about the same number or sores but in different spots and took about two weeks to heal as well. A week after that I had another breakout. Basically the point I'm getting at is that my breakouts have gone from being months apart, to weeks apart, and have began overlapping each other now. The sores are bigger, more painful, in different spots, and I've gone from having 1-3 in a breakout to around 10-15 and they don't seem to be healing but rather getting more inflamed. 

My theories for what could be attributing to this is the shift in my stress levels? I work full time and go to school (so basically stressed all of the time because of school and bills lol.) and I know that can't be helping. I take valtrex twice a day as well as vitamin B, C, CBD oil, and use tea tree oil on active sores- which helps relieve a little bit of pain. I also realized that my nexplanon implant might be a culprit? I will have had it for three years in February (three years is the length of effectiveness). Is it wearing off and causing a hormone imbalance/shift in turn causing these awful breakouts?? 

I have an appt with my obgyn in a couple of weeks but I'm miserable right now. Valtrex doesn't seem to be helping at all. The nerve pain has always been awful for me and sometimes I can't sleep because of it. I also have noticed my motor coordination is worse and my muscles constantly twitch because of it. It makes me wonder if there's an underlying condition such as an autoimmune disorder that is preventing my immune system to fully fight the virus? I already have been diagnosed years ago with Raynaud's syndrome and a folic acid deficiency-could those be contributing factors as well? (If I'm honest I do not take the L-methylfolate that I'm supposed to and I know I should. I stopped it about a year ago out of laziness.) 

Just looking for some opinions or answers on the topic. Obviously I need to get into a doctor but until then I'm curious what others have to say. I'm starting to feel hopeless :( 



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your Outbreak how it looks? 

I am having frequent outbreaks :(

3 months but no lesion is itchy vagina blushes.. Could this be the herpes origin ? 

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Its hard finding the right dr.  I had been to 1 dermatologist and 2 general practitioners.  I tried valacyclovir, which lowered my platelets so they took me off, but really didnt know what to do with me.  I suggested to my dr maybe an infectious disease specialist?  But she sent me to an immunologist instead.  He is trying to help me out.  So in my experience, i cant really recommend a general practitioner.  Maybe u could ask what kind of dr people have been helped most by.  If u have not tried l-lysine, i would try that, and i would try oregano oil externally.  These r both fairly harmless and would give u something to try at least.  There r other antivirals to try that may help but u have to have a dr who knows about treating herpes.

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