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I'm so confused. Torn. Worried. Nervous. Everything...

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Want to start out with saying that I'm living with herpes.

But I met this guy, he is amazing. We have been talking for awhile now (nothing sexual has happened). I did tell him that I have herpes, and he is not comfortable with it. Even with protection and medication, the risk of getting it scares him.

We are crazy for eachother. I want to just spend every single day with him. A couple others that he has spoken to before we met have told him that they have herpes too, and he said that after he told them that he wasn't comfortable with it, the conversations just end. But we kept talking. We have so much fun together.

Is this wrong? I obviously don't want to force him to change his views on it. He even did a LOT of research when I told him, he said I was worth the time. But even after that, he still isn't comfortable with it.

I just want him to be safe. And I want him to be happy. I'm so torn. I don't know what to do.

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I’m sorry to say that beyond antivirals and condoms there is nothing that pragmatically be done to reduce transmission risks, which would be low, about 2% per annum.

Unless he can come to grips with this in himself then there won’t be a future :( All that can be done is to give him space and time to process this.

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