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Herpes Doesn't Scab Normally? Constant Outbreaks Around Mouth! HELP!

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Hi everyone, I just joined, and I've been feeling incredibly hopeless. I don't know where else to post to talk about my herpes/ cold sores, but I really need help. I feel so lonely and depressed about this. I've had herpes for 4 years, and the first two years, I was able to sort of "tame" it. I would get the usual herpes on the lips, twice a year, and then I would wait for it to scab and fall off. But two years ago, I had an incredibly stressful argument with my mom. We were full blown screaming at each other, and she wouldn't leave me alone even after the argument was over, it was so, so bad. At that time, I was in the middle of an outbreak, but then the next day after our argument, another outbreak was forming on the other end of my lips. Even though I waited for both outbreaks to scab and fall off, they kept reoccurring (as a hard crust). I never was able to fix this, so for the next two years, I would wipe off the scabs and apply Aquaphor, a lip ointment all over my lips to keep the cold sores from scabbing and to hide my outbreak. If I leave my lips without the ointment, they do not seem to scab like normal. They don't form a hard crust, but instead sort of flake/ have a soft crust. Does anyone know what this means? I have a feeling this is very bad, as it would need to be a hard crust for the cycle to end. I've tried looking for answers all over, but I can't seem to find information about this. 

Anyways, fast forward about a month ago, I had my herpes spread outside of my lips, this is the first time I've had this happen! I went to get pills for this from my doctor, and my herpes would form a hard scab like normal within 4 days. But, the scabbing was so SO hideous and disgusting, and I had to go out in public (I have college)... so I picked it off early.... :( It left a red mark on my skin.... and I KNOW, I know that was a really bad decision! But I was praying the next time it scabbed, it would be less severe. Right now, my outbreak is still active. It's flaky and has a soft crust, and it won't seem to want to fall off!  It's been almost a month since it first started, and there is no hard scab. Right now, I somehow got my herpes to spread on two other areas around my lips, but it just forms a soft crust instead. What do I do? Can someone please help me, I don't know what to do! I can't keep going to the doctor like this as it gets expensive....

Thank you so much for reading all this, and I'm so sorry if this all sounds disgusting. 

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I would see a doctor, I’d feel there is at least a bacterial or yeast factor helping things along here.

Staph can be seriously hard to get rid of for example.

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Marvin SH

I am experiencing the same symptoms on my first outbreak. My blisters keeps discharging blood and pus. They dryout for a short time and form a soft crust but that crust is too prone to last if i stretch my lips wide. My doctor prescribed me today an antibiotic ointment “likacin gel”.  Will update you how it goes after a few days.

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Hey @Marvin SH that’s a bacterial treatment which is probably what this is (or has become).

its pretty effective against such sores so hopefully you’re on top of things soon.

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