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Feels like my phone and laptop may be a trigger

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Anyone else feel like their cell phone and/or laptop is a trigger? My OBs were few and far between until about 10yrs ago. About the same time I transitioned from my desk top computer with a cable WiFi connection to my WiFi enabled laptop. It's also about the time I switched from my Blackberry to a smartphone where I began to spend lots of time surfing the web. Even now, if I wear my phone on my hip with the bluetooth and WiFi enabled for extended periods of time, I start to feel an ache in my HSV2 zone. My wife does not have this experience. Her only trigger is her period about twice a year. So I doubt this is terribly common. But I KNOW it's not my imagination.

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    • Marley91
      By Marley91
      Going on 11 weeks of back to back obs. I was diagnosed with HSV2 but it is on the palm of my hand. I just now started taking daily antivirals. Im nervous about taking the meds and any side effects I could get from taking them daily, also wondering if my body will become immune to them? 
      Is it normal to have so many outbreaks? 
      I’ve never had an ob on my genitals but I feel like I would know if I ever had right? I’m scared because my dr told me I didn’t need to tell my sexual partners and didn’t need to worry about using condoms because the ob is on my hand and I always keep it covered. Last night I started freaking out about the possibility of having it on my Genitals and wondering if I have passed it to my current partner and I’m freaking out about having to tell him. Can anyone help? I have a doctors appointment next week so I’m stuck waiting and stressing until then. 
      Im avoiding caffeine and I’m taking lysine plus a million other vitamins. What are common triggers that you all deal with? I’m staring to think I’m having so many long lasting ob’s because I’m in the sun all the time? How does that even trigger the ob? 
    • Eliza71622
      By Eliza71622
      My FWB of 7yrs, yes very complicated, every once in a while is with other ppl always uses protection. Him&I don't, I don't have HSV, he has for 4yrs from an ex,very often after sex he'll get irritated or small outbreak, from everything I've read its probably friction, he doesn't get when he uses condoms the few times other ppl, only happens with me,last time I gave him oral he got a small sore same place, he's also not cut, help need answers feel like it's me, but been tested I'm negative every time, idk?? 
    • Mysticbird123
      By Mysticbird123
      Hi  Everyone,

      I have a ton of questions

      I was visually diagnosed with genital herpes by nurses at a GUM clinic yesterday. Today is my third day since the beginning of the symptoms and the second day on AntiVirals. They gave me Aciclovir 400mg to take 3x daily for 5 days. After some research online I noticed that people are typically given a higher mg for 10 days. Should I ask for more medication? I am unable to walk properly and have been in bed the past 3 days. I am experiencing the typical burning sensation when I pee so I pour warm water over myself to make it more bearable. Luckily, I have no fever. *knocks on wood*

      I have been exposed to many articles and videos online that debunk the stigma prior to even thinking I could contract it myself. The nurses at the clinic offered numbers for therapists if I wanted to talk it out but in all honesty, I am not at all concerned. While having herpes sucks, I'm not emotionally torn over it. What I am torn about is this excruciating pain that is limiting me from living my life. I am aware that the primary OB is the worst and reoccurrences and severity of them vary per individual. Is it possible for the pain to be gone in a week? I really want to get back to being mobile and peeing without mentally preparing myself for pain. I have an MA dissertation due in a week and I have to complete that while dealing with this pain. Also, Is it recommended I inquire about suppressive therapy and taking antivirals daily as soon as this primary OB is over?

      I believe that I had dormant HSV and rough sex (dry fingering) triggered it. Has anyone else experienced that sex and only sex triggers their outbreaks? I am not sure if I have HSV1 or HSV2 since I just got swabbed yesterday but given the nature of my symptoms, I'd say it's the latter. 

      Thanks for your time and I am really glad this online community and similar sites exist. God forbid, I go through this without the Internet!!
    • Nej
      By Nej
      I've seen some people say things like "I pop an antiviral before I get a bikini wax". Does taking an anti viral before a potentially OB triggering activity work? It's not something you have to take every day and build up in your system to work?
      I was just diagnosed and I'm having my first outbreak. They gave me valtrex to take for 10 days . Not sure if I should ask for another script for days when I ride my bike or other things like that 
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