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GHSV1+ Folks how is your sex life ?

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I am curious to know how you guys with ghsv1 are dealing with negative sexual partners? do you take antivirals? how has disclosure been? have you spread it genitally before?


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It has survived, but taken quite a hit. My wife and I use condoms now exclusively, she does not touch the one area on the shaft where I have continually had pain for 6 months. I do not take any antivirals, but I use some herbals to keep my immune system strong. This seems to reduce my pain.

The idea of having children is affected by this, and being in my late twenties that was the reason for having sex. It really puts a strain on the relationship.

However we still have sex a few times per week.

Occasionally I will opt-out of sex because the nerve pain is too bothersome and sex usually irritates it worse for the following day.

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I got GHSV1 in August. I had a very minor initial outbreak. I could see how people could have an outbreak and not realize what it was based on my own experience. I haven't had any symptoms since. I was really depressed and didn't know how to handle it going forward. I got it from a random unprotected hookup (thanks Tinder) and I'm honestly not sure if I got it from oral or vaginal sex.

After being super depressed for a few months, I went back to app dating to test the waters. I've slept with several girls since and just used condoms, though I have received some unprotected oral. No antivirals. In every case, I've known from the jump that I didn't want a relationship with these girls and they were generally upfront that they were seeing multiple people anyways. They can get HSV1 from kissing someone, sharing a drink, someone going down on them, all things that people do without even thinking about, so if I'm wearing a condom I just don't feel obligated to say something, especially since there's at least a 50/50 chance they already have it.

Honestly, I still think about it a lot, but it doesn't feel like I even have it, though I know I do. My sister contracted GHSV1 5 years ago, had a classic painful presentation on her first outbreak and then never had another one. As far as they know, her husband has never contracted it from her and they don't use condoms, though she says they don't have sex much. (She got it from cheating).

My big fear is that I'm going to meet a girl that I really like and I'll be afraid to tell her. Honestly, people sleep together so quickly that it's almost hard to get to know someone well enough to feel comfortable telling them before you sleep together! GHSV1 is really misunderstood so there's a good chance they'll freak out if you tell them after you've already been sleeping together. And the truth is, I really don't enjoy sex with condoms past the first time or two. I don't know how that's going to go. Even if a girl doesn't have a problem with it, if she wants me to wear condoms forever in the relationship, I can't seem myself enjoying that much. I just keep putting it off because I can't even meet a girl that I like enough to have an actual relationship with.

Sorry for being long-winded.

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    • IcantThinkofaName
      yes, get IGG testing ASAP, but be prepared for it to come back negative this first time if it is your first infection. A swab would be better if you have fresh blisters.  If they are already healed, and if its your first infection, be prepared for another subsequent OB (I'm sorry to tell you) coming soon after the first.. You can get swabbed at that one then.  Stay strong.  Support your immune system. Get rest. Take Vit. C and some other herbals might be nice...I have posted some stuff about that in the past. collodial silver gel or spray perhaps too directly on sores hugs to you
    • Sigh335
      No, no Custer. I pop it and it comes back. Thanks you so much for responding.
    • WilsoInAus
      @Franky26 your vows include "from this day forth" - there is no fine print that grants you annulment for previous actions and certainly not for the random assortment of herpes viruses that every person walks down the aisle with. To the extent that it was required (and I do not believe it is, although this is not relevant) your partner has been forgiven in the eyes of the Lord for all her past actions; as part of your marriage vows you are joined in that forgiveness. That blood test is notorious for false positives, Having an oral HSV-1 cold sore infection is a known risk factor for a false positive. So yes I do recommend obtaining a further ELISA test. You may even try to obtain the Westernblot from University of Washington for the definitive word on the subject.
    • WilsoInAus
      It is pretty definite he has HSV-2 so at least you will be concordant in that respect with no fears of passing it to him. Yes, there is a good possibility of some outbreaks within the first few months, however, this will not be a sign of your longer term experience which should improve tremendously.
    • Franky26
      Hey @WilsoInAus   Thank you for your reply, we live in north America, she did the test here in Canada, I will attach a copy of the test below. I understand your point of view but its hard for me to cope with this. I never thought this would happen to me which I m sure most people feel the same.  yes I did took vows for better or worst but I feel those vows are for whatever happens after marriage not because of something happened in the past.  i feel like this is something that is going to remind me of her past for the rest of my life. its not easy for me to look past that.   
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