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Worried about my much older, immunocompromised partner

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I have been chatting with a man from England for over three years now. We are madly in love and plan to meet soon. All of our fantasies are built upon the idea of getting married and having a baby (call it premature but he is in his early 50's and I am inching to 30 so I guess its somewhat appropriate timing). I can't help this underlying paranoia I have regarding my condition. He has three main issues going against him:

1) He is European meaning he will not have as strong of an immune defense against HSV2 (rates in the UK are much less than in America)

2) He is likely immunocompromised and gets lots of HSV1 outbreaks as is

3) He is much older - and from what I understand the consequences of getting HSV2 in older age can be much more serious

The latter part is what I'm most concerned about. What if we can only make love a handful of times only to see my partner's life destroyed and both of us unable to express our love for each other through sex? He seems immunocompromised largely in part due to a sleeping disorder he has had a result of PTSD. When he doesn't get enough sleep he is more prone to seizures and colds and comments regularly that he gets a ton of cold sores. This SERIOUSLY concerns me. Will we ever be able to have sex without condoms? The idea of not being able to makes me feel like damaged goods, unable to enjoy sex to the full extent with the person I love and unable to have a baby. I've mentioned my concerns over him being immunocompromised and how he should maybe talk to his doctor in regards to the possible consequences of infection but he always downplays his concerns. We continue to fantasize (when you are in a long distance relationship you need to know how to fantasize) about bareback sex and all that it entails..) but never really talk about the logistics of it. Maybe I am overthinking of it but hoping to get some insight from others that may have an older and/or immunocompromised partner.

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Dear.. when you’re considering about the baby.. do thinking about the well being of your relationship in the future. With his immunodeficiency problem, it might created a big problem. It’s not only about you, or your baby.. but it’s also about him.. could he handle the guilty feelings if he accidentally pass the virus to his baby?? Could he dealing with the restrictions to prevent the direct contact during outbreak and not kissing his little one? Could he handle his fear and paranoia about this virus. Trust me, for now you probably thinks that you still can manage the situation if if if... because you’re in love. But once you get that tiny little angel in your arms.. you would do anything to protect your baby.

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    • MikeHerp
      One more point to add.  I noticed it at 47:46 minute mark: "Single cell analysis suggests that combinations of AAV serotypes effectively transducing all neuronal subsets may allow near complete elimination of latent HSV genomes".  (emphasis mine).  
    • MikeHerp
      Yeah, I understand what you mean.  Still, if it comes to market, it's possible that some people will want to use it as a suppressive, i.e. every day for years.  So potential toxicities might end up building up.  so I think they have to be cautious about that.   A lot of people say they wouldn't mind side effects etc. but if you end up blowing up your kidneys with some herpes meds, then it won't be much fun. Still, they did lift the suspension in the immune compromised, and even fast tracked the testing, so it could be approved after this phase 2 (potentially).  And they may go back to testing in healthy people as well.   Meanwhile, Maruho will be testing amenalief in healthy people in the US in the not to distant future. The near future looks bright for improved herpes meds.  These drugs might end up being a bridge while we wait for the FHC cure/functional cure.  I'm hopeful.    
    • Kurdt01
      for most people the virus gets easier over time, so if your just diagnosed and start in with all the natural stuff, of course you think it's working, but it's more than likely just your natural experience with the virus...not to be a debbie downer, just saying.
    • Kurdt01
      Do you have periods of say a few months where it's ok and then periods where it's off the charts and uncontrollable no matter what you do? Thats how mine is. It's always with me but there are periods where it's better than others....some months are ok, some are just relentless herpes....no rhyme or reason...it's never great no matter what. 
    • Mikeike3
      Denavir never did a good job blocking much for me and my derm said this is the norm. my next step is to do a few other blood checks to make sure I’m not destroying my insides and also add in tens which has been shown to reduce shingles outbreaks to hopefully deactivate as much of the virus as possible. Targeting lower back and thighs for this  disclaimer is that I’ve had no positive tests from wb igg culture or dna pcr so going off of visual diagnosis with md and fact I never responded to fungal and bacterial treatments over the course of a year . 
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