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Can this be herpes? Plz help


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Hi Guys, so I have had oral sex with this girl and around 10 days later developed 3 white head looking pimples on my chin. I poped them and 3 days later had intense pain on my chin, numbness feeling and lymph nodes underneath chin swollen. I went to doc and they didn’t think it was herpes and thought it was like a bacterial infection. The pimples crusted and seemed to last like a month crusted. 

It’s been like a year and once and a while I get these Whitehead looking pimples that don’t itch, no pain, no symptoms but just seem different than a Whitehead. I pop them then a couple days later they form this flaky crust around the red bump, no ulcer. When poped a white material comes out and sometimes they bleed like a whitehead. They go away in a like 5 days? Anyone have any experiences with this? Never had it swabbed cause docs don’t think it’s anything but just always a guessing game cause I feel like I’ve never had this before. And I use to have pretty bad acne and never had whiteheads flake or crust before but looks exactly like a whitehead.  


Ive never had the sterotypical oral herpes that blister, ulcer, clear liquid on my lip or face


Thanks you for the help


I attached the pic of it flaky skin around edges and red crust in middle where white material was popped. Its been like 4 days 


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What you describe and reveal In the pic is far more suggestive of infected sebaceous glans.

This is independent of your herpes status. You may already have a childhood HSV-1 oral infection that doesn’t cause outbreaks for you as an adult. An IgG blood test will help you understand your status.

Regardless, these symptoms are in alll likelyhood not caused by HSV.

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