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HCG diet injections contain Arginine. Taking Lysine. Any other tips?

Leigh D.

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I am taking the HCG diet injections because it is the only thing that has ever worked to help me lose a considerable amount of weight. 

The injections contain Arginine, which I just learned from Googling because after just two days, I am having an outbreak and they are rare for me. 

I am taking Valcyclovir as well as Lysine right away to try to combat this issue. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I really do not want to stop this diet plan and the injections because, as I said, it is the only diet that has worked for me several years ago, and I really need to lose for health reasons. Any experience or suggestions will help me, so any are welcome. Thanks! 

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Yes, hydrogen water. Video on tube how to make your own. It will enhance glutathione for immunity and take care of metabolic resistance! Loved Dr Sircus's book hydrogen medicine! $0.03 a glass is a good price for health!

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