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Dating another HSV positive - Oral Sex Risks ?

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Hi everyone,

Well part of my soul died 2 years ago when this came to me, 
I have withdrawn from my friends and family, and completely unable to try to date, flirt or anything,
I can not let myself to consider ever dating a non-infected girl, and feeling that I won't get luck to find the suitable & right hsv-2 match....

I am HSV-2 genital, frequent OB on 1st year, getting better now

I did date 1 girl which is also HSV-2 carrier,

My question/concern here :  about ORAL SEX   (me getting down on a girl),
As I am already HSV-2 infected, is it safe or OK for me to (  of course NOT during OB / tingling on the partner side):

- Oral sex on a HSV-2-G  girl ?

- Oral sex on a HSV-1-G girl ?

Also, if I ever get to date a healthy partner - also very unlikely - I understand sex will have to ALWAYS and EVER be condom-only based, but how about 

- Healthy partner providing oral sex on me ?  
- Healthy partner providing hand-job on me ? 
My feeling is that both of the above are an absolute NO-GO, but inquiring if any documented feedback,



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Yes, your HSV-2 provides great immunity against an oral infection of either type. It’s like a 1 in 50,000 shot.

Its all about risk and risk acceptance. I have sex with my HSV-2 partner, no condoms or antivirals - no holds barred!

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    • WilsoInAus
      @clarke53 without a swab that’s a hugely risky call!
    • clarke53
      ok so you must know 13 years ago i did something ill regret the rest of my like before that night ive never had any kinda sore on my lips and ive never had anything on my genitals ive had tons of blow jobs from women and never gave them anything because i don't have genital herpes so one night i seen a shemale and gave oral 2 days later i had burning on inside of lip and a ulcer there and i don't go a week or so without a outbreak so about a month or so later i was tested for herpes and came back nigitive for hsv 1 and positive for hsv2  to this day ive had blow jobs no condom and ive never gave any girl anything so i know i don't have genital herpes!!  
    • blurneworder
      How long has this happened to you? What was swabbed? Results yet?
    • hobson
      Hi all  i have been to a doctor on 4 seperate occasions since I had unprotected sex with a woman who I later found out has herpes . They have said “it doesn’t look” like herpes . My penis always is red , inflamed anabolic has little red pimples on it.  I am constant uncomfort and pain in my gential areas, tingling , fatigue . None of the drs have done a blood test. I have researched DNA testing as they appear more accurate. I saw a dr this week and he took a swab. It’s always on my mind now because I have just started a relationship and don’t know if I should tell her. I’m scared she will run a mile . I haven’t told her because the dr said I was fine . I don’t know what do to do .  Any advice would be appreciated . I have a history with depression and this is adding to it 
    • WilsoInAus
      @clarke53 why do you think you do not have an asymptomatic genital infection. The mouth sores don’t seem to be herpetic.  What protection do you use genitally?
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