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Herpes or heat rash?


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Hello all, 

I’d appreciate any insight you can provide. 

A few hours ago I realized I have painful red lines in the creases in my groin between the genitals and the leg. I have it on both sides but the right side is worse. It burns a bit, and I’m not sure if it has outbreak blisters forming or if they are bumps from a rash/pubic hair. 

I’m freaking out because two weeks ago I got a “happy ending” hand job from a masseuse. A few days after that my scrotum began tingling. About 48 hours ago the skin felt like it was crawling, and I felt intermittent tingles and a few moments burns and stings on random sports on my groin. 

I went to a clinic and spoke to the doctor last week and the week before and he said it’s possible I got herpes or another type of wart, but it’s unlikely because it was only a handjob. 

The tingling kept freaking me out though, especially when it began to intensify today, and when I checked today and saw the read lines I began to really freak out. I showed them to a family member via a phone photo (she’s not here in person) and she said it’s just a heat rash. I’m concerned there might be bumps there that turn out to be herpes outbreak blisters later 

The red lines (especially on the right side of my groin) are stinging and burning slightly now, and in quite worried. 

The worst part is: I’m married with a young baby, and I realize I’ve made a dreadful mistake. I deeply regret it, and if I could go back and avoid making this transgression I certainly would. My wife and I have not had sex since my potential exposure, so at least there’s no risk of her or the baby being at risk. But still, I’m very worried about showing herpes symptoms, testing positive and losing my marriage and the opportunity to raise my daughter. 

I’m in a tailspin now so any insight that anyone can provide would be helpful. 


Many thanks,






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Herpes don’t present as red lines and the odds of herpes being transferred from a handjob are almost nonexistent from my understanding. I don’t think you have anything to worry about as far as herpes are concerned. Did you get tested when you went to the clinic?

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Thanks so much, I appreciate you letting me know your thoughts and that helps me to relax a bit.

I didn’t get a swab or blood test when I went to the clinic. I had no sores or symptoms, the only symptom being tingling. And I thought it would be too soon (only about a week) for a blood test to properly get a read on the antibodies in order to tell me if I have herpes. 

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That’s correct that you will have to wait until 12 weeks for an accurate blood test. Did you get an STD panel of everything else done? From my understanding it is very unlikely that you contracted any STDs from a handjob so I don’t think you have anything to worry about, but I know personally the only way to feel truly at peace is having test results that say so, at least for me.

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Went to the clinic and the doctor told me it was just yeast, and gave me an antifungal cream. Thanks so much for replying and for lending an ear, it really helped get me through the middle of the night while i waited for my appointment the next day. 

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