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just looking at traditional dishes in other countries .  going to start copying simple decent easy foods form other cultures and mine.   seen simple borsch pretty red soup to afganitstan , to spain tomatoes that orange . delicate meat an cheese ..  probably best thing we you;d do.  evens simple reddish food and dumplings .. get away from processed feeding virus shit ..  start to write down sweet potato pie and shut my mouth . other good simple shit .. many recipes you can grow your own food . designed for countries and self reliance ..  be my new plan .. get so many decent recipes and call it good . simple to make ..  take a lot of power back . less vitamin c , less bio 30 , les dynamiclear equals less hard times hopefully . should work. more effective if needed .  any one ever go completely healthy in their diet ?  smoothies and who some food . less booze or none  ?  

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