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Hi, A guy I was intimate with for quiet a while had symptoms a month after our last intercourse. he's tested positive for HSV2 and has had mild but reoccurring symptoms since then, He hasn't been with a new partner within that month after we stopped and getting the symptoms, also his IGG test would indicate that he's been infected for awhile and therefore while we were together. 

My dilemma is, I haven't had any symptoms, I got screened for symptoms and the doctor didn't see anything. however based on the fact that we've been very intimate, there is a high chance I carry the virus but haven't shown symptoms, or like him, they've been so minor I haven't detected them. Now I'm conflicted because I don't know if I should get tested or not! On one hand I think I should get tested to be informed and to avoid spreading (if I have it), on the other hand I'm not sure if I can handle the emotional side effects after knowing I definitely have it! 

I haven't discussed this with any of my friends and I'm not planning on doing that. He would've been the only person i would go to in a situation like this but we're no longer friends. I'm not sure how this information will affect my confidence and how I will be able to cope with it so I guess I'm trying  to run away from the truth. 

I wanted to see if anyone has been in my situation before? If you're infected, have you had partners that you had protected/unprotected sex with that were not infected?  I can't decide whether or not i want to go through with the IGG test and I need some input to be able to make the decision! 



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