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Confused About Transmission

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I have been HSV-2 positive for a year and a half now. I am an attractive 24 year old who has a great life and a lot to be thankful for (I realize this now more than I did before becoming positive with HSV). This is my first time posting on one of these websites.

I got HSV from a guy I was in a serious relationship with who did not know he was infected. I have not had many partners in my life and also do not have casual sex. This is a huge blow to someone who has not slept with many people and catches something like this while in a serious relationship with a person they trust. He said he had been tested for STDs and everything was negative. This obviously was not the case. I tried to stay in the relationship with this guy since I knew he did not give me an STD on purpose, but it was too hard. I needed some time to heal and find my self-esteem again.

Now it has been a year and a half and I am in a relationship with an amazing guy who I really care about. I told him my status about 3 months into the relationship (we had not had sex yet) and he said that it was not my fault and that he still cares about me just as much as he did before I told him.

We did end up having sex a few weeks later for the first time and used a condom (he also kept his boxers on in an effort to try and cover everything). I now read on this site that asymptomatic viral shedding can occur from the waist to the thighs and I have to say this is very discouraging news to me. I don't see how I will ever be able to have a normal sex life again without a constant state of anxiety in the back of my mind. I really care about this guy and the last thing I want to do is to give him an STD.

I guess my question is...what would you say the chance is of someone catching herpes when a condom is used. I have only had one outbreak which was very mild and also mis-diagnosed by the doctor at first.

Is it possible for him to get it just from touching me in intimate ways?

Any insight or experiences are appreciated.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Hockeyawesome1
      What’s Excision?
    • Hockeyawesome1
      Get some garlic concentrate pills 1000mg. I take one a day, eat whatever I want and stay symptom free. 
    • Isab
      I understand how you feel. My boyfriend had always been cautious of physically being with me before, but now I’m afraid that he’ll never want to take that step. Ive accepted the fact that it’s something I’ll have to live with, but what still scares me is the impact that my herpes will have on people around me- especially sexual partners. I kissed him before I knew that I was carrying the virus (but I know for sure that I had it at the time) I’m scared to tell him that he might have it too because of me! I’m just trying to say that i understand your worry of what impact this will have in your relationship.
    • Hockeyawesome1
      Oh ok. If a cure does come along sometime in my life that would be awesome! Especially for the younger generations that will never have to worry about HSV. I’m still pretty young (22) and got a lot of my life left to do great things regardless if a cure ever comes 
    • Isab
      I just got my diagnosis. My lips have been suffering from herpes for at least three years now, but because I have so many allergies and sensitive skin I always thought that it was an allergic reaction and dismissed the idea of herpes. How am I supposed to live a normal life now knowing that I can’t ever kiss my boyfriend without making him carry this burden. I was ashamed before to have my lips look swollen and pustulating in public, but now that I know it’s herpes I can’t help but hide more. This makes me feel like even more of an outcast, especially since I’ve been suffering with other skin problems like huge face cysts and very bad acne for years. What do I do? What am I even supposed to think or feel at a moment like this? 

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