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Condom question

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I've read that condoms protect men from herpes more effectively than women. So my question is, if the man is negative and I have GH, if we use a condom how likely is it that he'll catch it from me. Here's my thinking, while herpes requires direct skin to skin contact it needs a mucus membrane to transmit (eyes, gentials, mouth) how is it that if a man has covered his penis which seems like the only thing down there that is soft enough for transmission (LOL!!), does the whole boxer shorts region theory apply here? Is it that if he has a cut or something on his leg and it touches my thigh on a day I'm shedding he can get it? Or does that only apply for people having sex without condoms. My bf asked me this question and for once I didn't have an answer.

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I believe you've got it right - the mucus membrane that's most "inviting" on a man is the tip of the penis, but he might have small cuts (razor burn, pimples, scratches, raw patches from rubbing) anywhere in that region. The "boxer shorts region" actually refers to where YOU are shedding (not where he can catch it, cause he can get it ANYWHERE), and if part of your boxer shorts region with a shedding virus comes into contact with any of those cuts or abrasions, he runs the risk of contractive HSV. As for percentages, can't help you there. It's sort of a "maybe".

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