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Newly diagnosed and MANY questions

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Hi all,

I was just diagnosed with Herpes type I and type II. I was prompted to visit my doc after experiencing lesions post-intercourse with a new partner. (Unprotected, yeah stupid I know, he claimed he was disease free.)

From everything I read it's entirely possible that I have had the virus for years and not experienced symptoms until now (or symptoms were not severe enough to be noticed.) So it's possible that this outbreak is not directly related to having sex with this guy.

Question 1. I told him about the diagnosis immediately and he claims to have gone to his doctor this week. (He has no symptoms.) He also says that the doctor pronounced him disease-free, that they checked him out with some swabs and blood test. (What would they swab if he has no lesions?) I frankly don't believe him. I realize he could be negative and that I may or may not have passed I or II on to him, but he makes it sound like the testing was completed in the doctor's office and I know my blood work and swabs (cultures) were sent to a lab. Also, when I asked him if they suggested he follow-up within the next couple of months he said they had suggested he come back to be checked again in a few weeks but he hadn't made an appointment.

I know none of you can give me a definitive answer, but based on what I've said would you believe that this guy really did get tested? (Bottom line is that I have Herpes I and II, regardless of where I got them. Maybe it's foolish of me to want to determine whether or not I contracted one or both viruses from him. Water under the bridge.)

Question 2. My doc gave me some samples of Valtrex to help heal the genital lesions. I asked the nurse if this is something I have to take on an ongoing basis and she said no. It sounds like some people take Valtrex daily. Anyone out there have thoughts on this?

Question 3. I have not experienced cold sores but do have sores/ulcers inside my mouth from time to time. I love oral sex (giving), so now figure the two are related (duh). What do you use when there are sores in your mouth--or do you simply have to wait it out? And from what I have read if I've had type I for some time and have had oral sex with a male partner, I could have passed the virus along to him--right?

Sorry to have such stupid questions. I've been reading materials online but some information is conflicting. I should probably make an appointment with my doctor for a "counseling" session, but it takes months to get in to see her unless there's an emergency or an annual is scheduled well in advance. I checked online and there's no support group (that I could find) in my area.

Thanks to anyone who answers and I'm sure you'll hear more from me on this forum.

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Wow ok some of the stuff sounds just like my guy. For one my swabs took 3 days to come back and my blood took 7 days so yeah I DON'T believe him, Sorry!!! With my guy a little different because he freaked, won't talk to me and hasn't been tested. He said he got tested 3 months ago. This was prior to me telling him. Were were intimate for about 3 1/2 months. The last time we had sex (unprotected) 3 days later lesions and PAIN like I've never felt appeared. I was positive for gential hsv2. He said he hasn't got tested cause he feels like nothings wrong with him. And yeah you're right if nothings there what do you swab? I mean when you get cultures done for regular stds then yeah, but still. Guys aren't good at lying about test.when I first found out I called a few guuy friends and just got into casual convos with them about std tests. Boy was I acting. I said " man what do guys have to go thru, I hate being clamped. One proceeded to tell me and he says "honestly I've never even been tested for stds!!!!! HE'S NEVER WENT!!! Then the other one was like I don't know the put this ear swab looking thing up your hole and it hurts. When I asked about blood test a lot of people would say, no. Read my post called "a little suspect?" Plesse and tell me what you think.

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first of all, there are NO stupid qestions when it comes to this virus. it is complicated and i too have a million questions running through my head that i feel are kinda ridiculous but this is the place to ask. i think the guy is not telling the truth, went through something similar with my ex who i believe gave me H, he'll never get tested because he doesn't have OB's (I don't either) so he doesn't consider it his problem. like you said, you have it now no matter where you got it from. i also asked about taking valtrex suppressively and the response i got was not to, but i have a friend who does and seems to feel it helps since she is married and they don't use protection. i guess im gonna wait until i start to have an outbreak to take it, but if your in a relationship, from what i've read, it can help prevent transmission. i'm new to all this too, but hope that the little bit of research i have done will benefit you. best of luck, sasha

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My boyfriend said he was tested and the DR. said he was fine. But i'm thinking the doctor didn;t give him the right test, because when I asked if he got the IGG or IGM antibodies test he had no idea what i was talking about. His results only said herpes culture negative no sores...He doesn't have symptoms so why would they do a culture??? SOme DR don;t know what they are doing I guess....I;d check his test results and have him re tested with a DR. who knows what they are doing that's what I plan to do. My boyfriend gets cold sores so I know for a fact that he has HSV 1 so why didn't he test positive for that ??? Confusing!!!! I still am awaiting my type I'll find out next week.

As for daily Valtrex my Dr. Put me on it. IT's been good I guess I get headaches every day and stomach sensitivity, but other than that no complaints. I haven't had another outbreak since the first one so ask your Dr. about it and see if its something you'd like to do. Not everyone does. I am 24 and my doctor said since i was young it would be good for me to go on them...whatever that means....I just want to stay outbreak free and not pass this to anyone!!!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Ok so here’s my background.  I hade my first outbreak genitially about 2 months ago.  I got swabed positive for GHSV1. My blood tests were neg so I am assuming a new infection but who knows if I had it or not.  I been reading on here and other research. So I got oregano oil and started to use it on my lower back with coconut oil to dilute it.  I was putting the combo on and would use a couple large bandaids to apply it and keep it in place overnight.  Did it for about 5 days.  I peeled off my bandaids two days ago and had two sores where the sticky part is about an inch apart.  Does the oregano oil attract the virus to cause an outbreak like this in the spot on lower back or are the sores from irritation of possibly too much oregano oil?  Anyone have a clue if this is an outbreak and caused by putting the oil there?
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      They said excision is a suppressor too
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      Well maybe if we started funding and stopped talking we can finally end it, I want my love life back tf and I remember someone saying there was funding and we can fund but no one is taking steps far as I can see
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