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Finally some relief! I think I slowed it down!

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Really short. I don't want to write super long stories here. 

I just want to share my recipe, that finally slowed down my outbreaks from nearly every week to for now 1,5 months without an outbreak. 

Everyone is different, and not for everyone it might work the same way, but in my opinion the biggest factors why people get an outbreak is either a nutrition deficiency or mental problem (stress, anxiety, fear, depression). 

I think I had both. And they correlate with each other. 

You have to understand that it will never get better when you just adress one factor and leave the other one out. If you take 1000 supplements a day and sleep bad and think negative everyday, or even think about it everyday, it will not get better. 

And if you just try to think positive but have lack of important vitamins, hormones, minerals, then it will also not work. 

I will not write every detail about each supplement, I think you can easily look it up online. I want to give you an overview and a short summary. 


-grape seed extract right when I get up 1 pill and before I go to sleep. 

- Vitamin D ( I used for more than  month 50,000 İU / day to increase my vitamin d3 in my system. Now I am at 60ng/mg, i am still trying to go higher, to around 80)

- vitamin k2 mk7 100mcg /daily 

- magnesium 400mg daily 

- MSM 200mg daily 

- lysine (1000mg) +zinc + vitamin c 1000mg (Combi) 

- sometimes I add up 1 to 2 extra g lysine if I don't feel well 

- drinking almost everyday coconut juice 

-drink a lot of water ( more than 2 l through out the day, especially in the morning when you get up) 

- No soda, no artificial drinks. 

- d mannose from time to time to clean bladder 

- algea (has iodine) 


Lifestyle :

-Mostly healthy, not much sugar or chocolate. Just from time to time. 

-No processed products. I almost never buy food that is highly processed, I don't use a microwave. Only feshly cooked stuff. 

-I basically stopped drinking milk. Milk is bad for you. I just use some from time to time in a cappuccino, but that's it. 

- Meditation, or hypnosis Audio files before going to sleep. 

- Go out meet people, have sex (protect), enjoy life. Live like how you lived before you got sick. These days I probably have 2 to 3 times sex weekly. 

- Dont think always negative, think that it is just a bullshit little thing that you have and you have the power to control it. 

- Don't read every day on websites about deseases and how to solve it. The solution is in your body and not in the internet. Reading about sickness makes you sick, reading about happiness and good things make you happy. You go get what you target. You are negatively hypnosing yourself. 

-Don't complain always! Doesn't matter what.. If it is work, your life, your health condition. Don't complain. Complaining tells your brain, everything is bad and it's negative. It releases the wrong hormones. 


With this simple things everything will improve, I guarantee you. Try it out and let me please know here.

Also really important: don't use any, really any prescribed medication from your doctor. Try to get out of it if you do. Aciclovir, cortison, etc.. It's all poison for you and you are fooling with your system. It brings your system out of balance in the long term. 

After stopping for almost 5 months now with all meds like aciclovir, pain killers, etc also my body, health condition got amazing. I stopped loosing hair suddenly. I sleep perfectly (even when I sleep short, I get a good healthy quality sleep. I think that aciclovir, valaciclovir is causing crazy hair loss, besides organ damage. 

The supplements are all helping your body to get fit, and close the deficiency. 

Vitamin d will make you happy, and make your immune system fit. You will get calm und good functioning. 

MSM, Magnesium will decrease pain and make your body work better, your nerves and joints will hurt less. 

I even drink daily 1 to 2 cups of coffee now,

I drink around 1 to 2 times a week alcohol when I feel like it on a date for example. (in moderation, a few glasses of wine, whiskey). 

I had even a few sessions of hair laser treatment down there and usually I right away get an outbreak (even with aciclovir sometimes before) .... Nope not anymore. 

My body is in balance again. I can feel it in my brain, body and soul. Proper working hormones are number 1 priority for health. Hormones make the cocktail of other nutrients in your body :D

Don't believe in farma meds so much, they always will close up 1 gap and open other gaps in your body. As long as you don't find your own balance you will suffer always in the long term. 

That's it for now. 




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Thanks for sharing!

Vitamin supplementation has been really beneficial for me as well.  Not only has it helped with HSV, but I feel like it's helped with overall health and energy.  Eating a well rounded diet can do the same.

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Mine is pretty close to yours. 

Congratulations and I am proud of you! ;)

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Thanks for sharing.

It is really true, stress=OB

But sometimes, i cant help myself to overthink about it. Its a life cycle for me. I often fall into depression everytime i have an OB. Trying to fight back but i lack support. 


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I agree I think my biggest factor is stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. I will continue using valacyclovir for peace of mind but will definitely try to add some of those vitamins. I already started using lysine daily and was thinking of adding a mix of coconut oil and oregano oil directly on the skin if I start feeling something, not sure if it will help but im willing to try.

I was actually thinking of also seeing a naturalist and get some of his suggestions.

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    • IcantThinkofaName
      yes, get IGG testing ASAP, but be prepared for it to come back negative this first time if it is your first infection. A swab would be better if you have fresh blisters.  If they are already healed, and if its your first infection, be prepared for another subsequent OB (I'm sorry to tell you) coming soon after the first.. You can get swabbed at that one then.  Stay strong.  Support your immune system. Get rest. Take Vit. C and some other herbals might be nice...I have posted some stuff about that in the past. collodial silver gel or spray perhaps too directly on sores hugs to you
    • Sigh335
      No, no Custer. I pop it and it comes back. Thanks you so much for responding.
    • WilsoInAus
      @Franky26 your vows include "from this day forth" - there is no fine print that grants you annulment for previous actions and certainly not for the random assortment of herpes viruses that every person walks down the aisle with. To the extent that it was required (and I do not believe it is, although this is not relevant) your partner has been forgiven in the eyes of the Lord for all her past actions; as part of your marriage vows you are joined in that forgiveness. That blood test is notorious for false positives, Having an oral HSV-1 cold sore infection is a known risk factor for a false positive. So yes I do recommend obtaining a further ELISA test. You may even try to obtain the Westernblot from University of Washington for the definitive word on the subject.
    • WilsoInAus
      It is pretty definite he has HSV-2 so at least you will be concordant in that respect with no fears of passing it to him. Yes, there is a good possibility of some outbreaks within the first few months, however, this will not be a sign of your longer term experience which should improve tremendously.
    • Franky26
      Hey @WilsoInAus   Thank you for your reply, we live in north America, she did the test here in Canada, I will attach a copy of the test below. I understand your point of view but its hard for me to cope with this. I never thought this would happen to me which I m sure most people feel the same.  yes I did took vows for better or worst but I feel those vows are for whatever happens after marriage not because of something happened in the past.  i feel like this is something that is going to remind me of her past for the rest of my life. its not easy for me to look past that.   
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