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Has anyone heard or tried levamisole?



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Interesting find.  Its likely that the drug was simply overshadowed by the arrival (and significantly better efficacy) of the nucleoside analogs (Vidarabine, Acyclovir) around the same time. 

The metrics shown in the study (i.e. a 33% reduction) doesn't exactly warrant a call to arms.  The efficacy of acyclovir for the same purpose is >2X and attacks the virus directly. 

This was also a relatively small study.  Care has to be taken putting too much stock into small preliminary studies many years ago.  Often what happens is: a follow-up study is run, the treatment doesn't live up to the hype, and the results aren't published.

That being said, given their mechanism of action, the combination of Levamisole and Acyclovir may be complimentary for a single unrelenting outbreak.  The challenge is that it doesn't sound like Levamisole is supposed to be taken long term and a single course isn't going to be a cure.

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    • viralfrog
      I'm 99% confident that these are caused by Herpes. This is what they looked like when I first caught the virus, and in the same spots as well, although now much milder and smaller in size.  I have tested positive via swab when I first got the virus, and two times via blood test. However, since several people here are doubting my symptoms are caused by HSV, I might do another swab just to be sure. It's still good to rule anything else out beforehand. 
    • Nicki0605
      And btw  @ayekayelle I’m sorry you’re considering divorce. I hope you are able to work it out with him. But if you’re not happy I think it’s worth taking the risk of leaving! You deserve to be happy!
    • Nicki0605
      Ikr! I’ll have guys be like “oh yeah you’re right, you’re not gross or less valuable but it is a deal breaker” I don’t really blame them (because I am still coming to terms with it being “not a big deal”) 
    • G77
    • Quest
      It's very possible he or you were mostly a carrier. Neither one of you have to have sores all you have to do is shed.
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