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Pregnancy without gHSV1 transmission to female

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About 5 months ago I was diagnosed with gHSV1. My wife does not have it genitally, but apparently has an oral case of it. She hasn't had a period in many years, and then last month it showed up! It's the first period she has had since we have been married (6 years).

We are now using condoms consistently, even during foreplay to prevent any risk. The "infection" seems to be limited in surface area and covered well by condoms. I've been outbreak free since the initial infection aside from mild neuralgia.

I have found a few products (POPDildo and The Semenette) which are designed for mixed status couples and lesbians who are trying to get pregnant. The device allows you to load sperm in a tube and ejaculate it out from a very nice dildo.

This is my plan:

  • Keep sperm count high - Male Vitality Supplements / Zinc, etc.
  • Calculate the optimal fertility date for the following month
  • Collect or use fresh sperm in device to impregnate wife.

I wanted to run this by the forum and see if anyone had any theoretical concerns with transmission from sperm. I also wanted to share this plan because upon searching the forums the best I have seen was "hole in a condom", which has obvious flaws. Thanks for your feedback!

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There really is no need to such lengths. Your wife already has the best prevention measure possible, an established oral infection. This means transmission odds are already negligible. 

Also note that it is extremely rare for there to be HSV in semen and it is probably not feasible to infect someone this way even if trace amounts were present (for a non positive partner).

I admire the use of condoms, but in the context of falling pregnant, talk to your doctors more. I’m sure they will explore the option of normal unprotected sex being low risk of issues to a potential pregnancy and is probably the best chance of your wife falling pregnant thus outweighing the risk.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Everyone.

I am just a newbee here and still not sure about my herpes status. Even i have the same question in my mind.

Please consult doctors first , may be IVF can be an option too.

The best possible way that i can think of is

1. Hsv+ male will remain on valtex for suppression almost a month till the ovulation period of hsv negetive female.

2. Predict the ovulation period of hsv negetive female and keep in testing through ovulation kits

3. The Male ejaculate in side a syringe ( no needle though). Pump the semen deep inside female carefully and wait for nature to take its course.

May sound crazy.  This will keep the female safe from hsv . She dontneed antiviral or C-section and can breast feed the newborn as well.

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Hey @Monty321 I’m sorry but that is a little crazy. Do you think your wife would even agree to that?

Mate, reason and calm, you’re wound up tighter than a prozzies g-string right now! You still have to have further testing, which will in alll likelihood reveal negative.

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    • Mikeike3
      You’ve seen my pics, you weren’t able to argue they weren’t herp
    • WilsoInAus
      @Ole that is not so good and makes it imperative to identify what is going on. Hopefully you can obtain the type specific test. Keep an open mind for other possible causes too.
    • thatsmycat
      I would have to disagree with you on this. I have HSV2 on my mouth and I get outbreaks often. The person who gave it to me also had oral HSV2 and would have outbreaks every couple weeks. Also this Squarex newspost cites the prevalence of oral HSV2. They did not cite any primary literature but it sounds about right.  https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/squarex-announces-positive-results-from-completed-phase-2-study-of-sqx770-in-the-prevention-of-recurrent-herpes-labialis-300896065.html "Herpes labialis is a common condition characterized by blisters or erosions on the lips and skin around the mouth and nose. Most cases are caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), but 10-15% of cases are caused by HSV-2 with this percentage reportedly increasing. "
    • Ole
      Thanks Wilson. U are always nice . I just want to make sure because symptoms keep coming and as I can’t afford western blot I think bkk have more advanced health care system and their test will be more reliable . btw I sent u a msg again , please reply if u find time
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Ole the combined test is not so good when positive as you don’t know type or whether you have both. However negative is negative for both types with high credibility. The visual diagnosis looks like it may well have been wrong.
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