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Other uses for Valacyclovir??

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My partner has a bottle of sleeping pills and accidentally left them in my home. A friend of mine saw the bottle, looked inside and noticed two oval shaped dark blue pills with F82 written on them. She googled the pill description and saw that it was Valacyclovir, which is used to treat Herpes. I confronted my partner about the hidden pills and shevstated that she does not have Herpes and it is to treat something else. When I looked online I see that the drug treats Herpes 1 & 2, Chickenpox (do people still get Chicken Pox?), and Shingles. Is there an Off Brand usage that I don't know about? I just want to make sure she is not withholding information.

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That’s a bit strange. Although there are other uses for acyclovir and variants, they are usually associated with active herpes issues. I dare say you haven’t seen an active shingles outbreak etc. on this person.

Hence I suggest your partner most probably has herpes. There’s no real reason to hide tablets in a sleeping pill bottle.

It may be feasible that she takes them for oral outbreaks and thinks of cold sores as just that (and herpes is in the genitals, common interpretation).

Dis she take one of these tablets every night?

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