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Start taking Valtrex? Re-infect myself?

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I was recently diagnosed with HSV2, and I believe I am going through my first OB, although if I hadn't had the blood test, I could easily have passed off my symptoms for something else.

Basically the right side of the base of my penis is a little itchy, and a little red, and occassionally in the light I can detect a very thin layer of clear fluid on it.

It doesn't hurt, or even really bother me, but I am terribly afraid of reinfecting myself.

I have been given a Rx for Valtrex. Can I take this only during the OB's and stop taking it when they are over? It seems excessive to take this year round when my OBs are so minor.

Can the virus build up an immunity to Valtrex if you don't take it year-round, forever, the same way bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics?

I don't know what to do here, I want to respond to my outbreaks appropriately.


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If your obs are minor, it's really not necessary to treat them with anything. Many people take anti-virals only during an ob to speed the healing process, and they do seem to work for that. Others take them all the time as a means of suppressing future obs and lessening the risk of transferring the virus to their partners. The choice is purely personal. I don't believe the virus becomes immune to the meds, but do you really want to take them everyday if you can get along well without them? That's up to you and your dr. Personally, I've found that swabbing the area a few times a day with hydrogen peroxide during an ob clears it up quite nicely without the meds.

As for reinfecting yourself, I assume you mean spreading the virus to other parts of your body. As long as you wash your hands thoroughly after touching yourself there, (and I assume you do that anyway ;)) there is very little chance of that happening, so you can relax about that.

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