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Hsv2 igg low positive

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Hi apologize I think I posted this 1st under a reply under the topic. Last year I was confirmed with a swab for gHS V-1. I went to the doctor a few days after having oral sex with my partner and I knew immediately something was wrong the burning in the itching And what looked like a rash.  I had the IGG blood test 15 days later from The Swab and I had a positive hsv 1 results and a  negative Hsv2 result. I never had another outbreak  confirmed. I am post menopausal and had developed a papercut like lesion on my perineum on 2 separate  occasions each swabbed immediately and came back negative. I did start valtrex just in case and stopped when I  got negative results. I develop something similar 3 weeks ago and cant I get an appointment with my doctor so I went to a new doctor because it wasn't going away I had the same paper Like cut thing on my perineum in a different spot for over a week did not take valtrex  because I wasn't sure however  New  Doctor thought it might be an outbreak prescribed one gram of  valtrex. He ordered a  another hsv blood test. Took the dial checks for 10 days it did not really help with the paper late cut now it's  3 weeks still not gone. When back from my results and he said he doesn't think it was an outbreak now valtrex would have helped it and he prescribed me some  cream for the dryness and then skin in that area however my hsv   results came back now both positive.

Hsv1 26.20

Hsv2 1.96

 Can I speak a false positive I never had another confirmed outbreaks since  My 1st one. Sorry for this long post but these results have me so confused



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