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What about an herpes test instead of a cure ?

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Hi ,

for the majority of us the burden of herpes lies more on social stigma than on health issues or symptoms 

We keep desperately waiting for a cure or a vaccine that are most likely not going to happen until 10y + 

But we all know the figures , at least 20% of sexually active people carry a form of genital herpes , but only 2-4% of the population know about it.

Honestly I would not mind restraining to 20% of the population for dating. 

So instead of pushing for a cure wouldn't it be more realistic to push for new accurate herpes test through routine std checks ?


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We have that already. The combination of blood testing and swabbing of symptoms has near 100% accuracy.

I disagree strongly with the notion that a testing regime is used for exclusivity and restrict people in their dating. It’s culturally unacceptable in most of the world. The US is one of the few places where the stigma and fear is so bad in that people even contemplate just dating those with the same herpes type(s).

If that was an overt reason, why would anyone test?

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I don´t think the same paranoia about herpes that exist in US exists also in the rest of the world...even I think if I am more worried about this than what is reasonable, knowing that herpes is so widespread around the world.

Anyway, the FDA has just approved a new test for herpes for newborns, it was in the news yesterday

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