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    • Nicoli
      Yes, weight training and really any exertion. Some of my more physically demanding yard chores that Ed me out of breath has netted the same frustrating results. 
    • WilsoInAus
      I don't agree with this sentiment. There are over 1 billion women in the planet that have passed HSV-1 orally to one or more of their children. That does not mean they have done anything wrong or lacked 'great effort'. There is absolutely no reason for a mother with oral HSV-1 to behave any differently to a mother without HSV-1. Provided active cold sores are kept away from everyone, there is no reason why all mothers cannot show their chosen manner of affection to their children. It is only stigma-generated fear that leads to a few mothers thinking differently and operating from a place of fear instead of love. Hopefully we can reach those women and assure them they do not need to behave differently on account of HSV.  
    • StayStrongOk
      @dont quit!, Great effort by you to not pass it to your daughter. Fortunately, kissing is not the only way to show affection. I am sure you are already channelling through other means 🙂
    • Bd2132
      That is good to hear! I have my appointment this evening, so hopefully they agree it is something else. It has not changed in appearance since Friday when I originally posted also. 
    • t1berius1
      Thanks Wilson. Really appreciate the answer and contribution to this community! I guess I will sweat bullets for 12 weeks to get a better answer. 
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