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staph infection vs genital herpes

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I´m from Mexico

I´m going to  share my story of what has been happening these past days . Sorry if this post is long but I´m very confused and sad.

I´ve been having an awful sciatic pain for months so I went to a traumathologyst on Nov 28th (and knowing he would asked me to stay in underwear to make physical therapy I anticipate to shave legs and genital area) , Doctor applied some injections on sciatic area. I guess those were a type of steroids to reduce infflamation and tension. After that day I started feeling well and not pain at all but felt some bumps in 2 areas : 1 in my groin and 1 in my labia which I thought were ingrown hair as usual.  Then on Friday ( Nov 30th) I had sex with my boyfriend but not oral sex. 

The morning after I was showering and felt the area was more like lump specially the labia, the lip started to get big, I checked to the mirror and seemed Like it was sensible, like if it had friction. I was really worried, having doubts about my boyfriend , Did he cheated on me ?  I confront him and he said He has not.

Days after I was ok, by the 5th day after our sexual activity I started to feel itchy and burning in the labia part and some fluid coming from. I paid attention until by the 6th day were I got really worried about the apparance like a crust and many other small pimples with pus in my groin. I ran into the Gyneco and she only said it was Herpes by just checking it. I haven´t do any lab test, but I was so sad that gyneco said ¨it doesn´t matter after 30 years what I saw was herpes and even if you have a lab test those can turn negative) 

I´ve been under medication with aciclovir 2 times a day, and local spray but still see how fluid stay in my underwear. I´ve been trying to accept this is herpes and at the same time trying to reaserach more about it. I found by pics on internet that there´s some side effects of stereoids epidural injections as staphylococous , which those crust looks more alike to what I have in my labia. I aknowledge this doctor experienced but can´t understand why assuming and pointing as this is herpex just as it. 

I´ve been dating the same person for 2 years now. ( the only time we were on break for 2 months only. On that time I had a sexual encounter with a man who practiced oral sex and kissed me a bit. this was like 10 months ago but not clinical or physical symptom appear  after, even I had many stressful (2 big ones) and depression situations after that encounter thou. Only 3 people have had practice oral sex to me in my life, so I tried not to point fingers but doubting a lot about my partner, but still confused because I kissed him and had no bumps or ulcers in my mouth at all. 

I know this can be a neglect behaviour but so confused about it, it´s the 3rd day I´m still  under medication and fluid from this areas still.

Thanks for reading until this point. I reallt appreciated. 

Hopefully can read about you. 

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Hi dancingmoontj, 

I think the only way to be 100 % sure is to get a swab. Is there any chance for you to convince your doctor to make a swab?

I think you are also mixing up something: Genital sex is not only transmitted through oral sex (although 50 % of new infections are transmitted from oral sex). It can also be passed from genitals to genitals - even without symptoms. For example: Your boyfriend caught it years ago and never had any sores or problems and he gave it to you now. Or maybe you had the virus already for years and your immune system got a little stressed with the injection on the sciatic area. 

All the best! 

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