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HSV in the Elderly

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Hi all. I am very curious, and really want to know, how does Herpes Simplex affects the elderly? It is well documented that the symptom decreases by year (usually the first year is the worst, after 5+ years it is relatively mild). But let's say someone get it in his/her 20's, how does it affect them when they are, let's say, 70's or 80's? I never find any literature that discuss that. I assume immune system plays a big role in the elderly, but many old people are still relatively healthy. How do they survive with HSV? Does HSV ever weaken or that the body system able to handle it in this very long-term condition? Of course there are bad cases but how common are they in the elderly? Is it common to have 5 outbreaks a year when you are in your 70's?

Most literature out there talks about Herpes Zoster and its recurrence in the elderly, but not HSV. I really want to know about this.... thanks, all!

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