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I’m wondering if any other women have had an iud inserted with issues... or no issues?

I’m skeptical as I’m scared will just lead to more problems..

my dr assures me it’s fine. I on the other hand, am the one living with H for 20 yrs... any thoughts would be appreciated!!! 

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    • Quest.wr
      By Quest.wr
      I literally just registered for this forum , I'm glad to be here. Hi my name is quest I'm 21 and was diagnosed 10/20/17 with herpes 2. Its been a real struggle I thought it was a yeast infection then bacterial vaginosis until sores appeared. Apparently my boyfriend has herpes 1 and thinks it's just a cold sore (I keep telling him go get tested I haven't told him I've been diagnosed for fear of negative and disrespectful reaction also I feel he's going to blame me) well he gave me head in what must have been the middle more towards ending of outbreak but I didn't see it until the deed was done. Stupid me. People say I should be angry at him I should be angry in general but I'm not I'm not sad either. Its as much my fault as it is his I should have been paying attention. Idk kinda rambling now so I'm going to end but not before saying if anyone is looking for some relief treatments besides the actual medicine that you can do often is wash and dry very well (even tho it hurts like hell) then spray with a mix of tea tree oil and a carrier oil I use olive. Its such a breath of fresh air. please comment if you have some relief treatments of your own. 
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