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After being exposed to hsv2 I've tested negative at 2 months. I know it can take longer and I'll retest at 3 n 4 months to see if there would be anything detected. Now I've had some weird symptoms but I'm not sure if it was my anxiety or what. Nothing hardly lasted but for that day. Nothing ever blistered or oozed and there's no visible signs but I've had hsv1 with high antibodies for a long long time and I know that can help from having severe symptoms and out breaks.

Has anyone with hsv1 and recently got hsv2 and had a complete outbreak with sores right away? I'm wondering about that. I've had a lil burning on my median raphe and it was like a month later. It's never happened before. Irritated at times to a burning sensation. What's the chances. It doesn't hurt to urinate or nothing just getting slight discomfort. Has anyone ever had something similar. If it wasn't for having hsv1 I'd of had an outbreaks with usual symptoms. Or does that even matter and u can still get sores and blisters. I'm thinking that people in my situation would, knowing they've for sure been exposed to it. Also not having the antibodies. Just curious

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I have heard that having two strains can complicate things w/ testing. I do know in rare circumstances an initial infection can spread elsewhere.

I do know generally having HSV1 can be protective...i think. 

not sure if that is helpful.

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    • jmherped
      I would not have eaten that (unbeknownst to me) ex-prostitute's radioactive pussy.  The half body dragon tattoo should have tipped me off, but you know, 30 beers.... 
    • jmherped
      Find something to live for, be thankful for what you do/don't have, there are a lot of things worse than herpes, a long bloody list of hellish things people suffer from...  Billions of have died horrible deaths.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself, when you feel knocked down, get up and keep fighting.  You never know what tomorrow might bring or what silver lining there might be in your future.  Keep fighting.  There's a lot you can do for yourself, but first you have to accept that you screwed up, let go of the things you used to take for granted, let go of what you can't have anymore, decide to fight and live the best you can with the cards in your hands.  You just never know what tomorrow will bring.  Use yourself to some other purpose, do something you never would have done had herpes not come your way.  Even if that is just getting up and fighting the herpes every day, do it.  Don't give up.    
    • information seeker
      Hey, why not try to set up an xprize?   Curing herpes xprize    It would make the Feild more appelling to research
    • information seeker
      But they said they were ready to move into to animal trails 2014. Also I am starting to worry the good doctor has shifted his research to HIV. 
    • MikeHerp
      I've put three draft templates up on the Drop Box. Not sure whether I put them in the right place--I just put them at the end of all the content.  If you think there's a better way to organize it, pls proceed, I'm not that familiar with using dropbox. I may add some other templates later as well. I also added a section at the beginning regarding our allies. Feel free to edit, delete, restructure etc. as you deem appropriate.

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