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Public post apologuisng to WilsoInAus (2nd version almost double post)

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Dear WilsonAus and anyone else i have offended:

I am aware that the manner I came into the forum has caused issues for a number of people. Please understand I have had a really tough life. And I am deeply traumatised by my experience and want to make sure it doesn't happen to other people. Seeing some comments on Bigsusan's post was very distressing for me and it would have been very distressing for Bigsusan. Can you imagine how hard it would be to post that and share such a stigmatising event because you didn't want it to happen to someone else? I realise my distress and over reaction has caused issues for many people. And I am sorry. To be honest I never expected to come here and see that people would deny that this happens. I assumed it was for the most part accepted.  I realise it is rare and uncommon however if we do not inform people of these risks and make sure that they access a wide array of information to make responsible and informed choices the stigma of this disease will continue. The reality is for the vast majority of people it is not even a blip. Most people have zero issues. However in balance we cannot know when we come into contact with someone their medical history. So it is good to make sure all information is communicated clearly or people can access to make decisions. THis is the cornerstone of MEDICAL ETHICS.  

There are some very scared young people here. We have a responsibility to share our personal experiences and help give them good guidance to make their own decisions. The nature of the worldwide website makes rarer and unusual subsets look larger as they all end up here...however we have a responsibility to inform people of the rare risks and support them throu their first health crisis's to make them feel safe and make the best decisions for them. There are many people here with unexplainable scary health conditions. I cannot say what they are for them...but I can tell you some attitudes makes many of them very isolated and it is a real concern for many of them.

That post about that man with the skin condition down his leg there is a statistical possibility that it did spread off a towel on the rest of his leg. We cannot know, what we need to do as a community is work together to give people the balance of the information. Telling someone that that isnt possible when many people actually experience it and many experts acknowledge it is irresponsible. Maybe if my comments were a bit over reactive having a mature discussion about it might have been helpful. I am willing to take the responsibility for this one. I agree because of my trauma I have not been careful enough and probably scared some people. I agree this is not acceptable

There are a few of us and we are very real. How rare we are I do not know, but I do know many of us are medically accepted.  I do know it is not uncommon to pick up HSV elsewhere on the body. I think extensive situations like mine or bigsusan or bart are rarer but i do not think anyone is bothering to report or collect this information past the work done in the eighties.

I know there was a researcher in the 80's who did a lot of work on this and I do not know why this didn't continue. For this reason even Terri Warren cautions regarding warm wet towels I would imagine and states it is theoretically possible. Maryland university is one of the few places that does state care in personal hygiene. Particularly they note cups and towels. 

Even top academics fight and disagree. Please let us work together to give the spectrum of information so everyone can make the best decisions for them.

I hardly think this is the writing of a 20 year old, althou you never know some 20 somethings are really amazing. Mostly I would say this post reflects someone who has done a lot of thinking about life and has a lot to share. Someone who made their own mistakes and had to think deeply. Someone who has to have overcome many issues.

I posted my personal life at risk to my privacy to help many make their own decisions. In the beginning I was a bit pushy about my own decisions and opinions and this is wrong. For that I am sorry. Please I hope we can all show some respect and make peace and help organise the forum to work well for everyone.

THe flame wars in the vaccines sections look really awful. I have had my wars in life I do not wish to bring that here.  I will die young because of my experiences and bad choices in my 30's. Even if I repair my health. I came here to help people who needed my help to give meaning to my life experiences and help people. that is a damn brave thing to do and I hope you can respect that. 

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    • that1youngguy
      hello all, update... so the white ulcer inside started around january 4... and today it is still there... no burning while i pee, just a constant mild irritation feel, no other symptoms i went back to get retested 2/12 so 2.5 months after exposure... including HSV, HIV, gon, chlam, everything came back negative... the doctor thinks it's some form of chlamydia, he gave my doxy for 10 days is it too soon to tell if i have HSV? is it possible to have an ulcer inside the urethra and be fungal or bacterial?
    • MikeHerp
      Probably not many.  I'm going to change my twitter symbol to the copper ribbon at least.  
    • nope1234
      okay! I guess I will just start at the basic dosage of vitamin C and go up every week little ? I take 1500 mg of super lysine like the bottle says and it still gives me gas and diarrhea. hoping it will pass if not I'll drop down to 2 a day! I really appreciate the advice! i know we would all.do ANYTNING to not have OB  at the moment idc about stigmas od boyfriends or dating or sex....I just care about FEELING healthy in my own skin. this is my one and only life 
    • Lulupazoola
      That sounds like a good place to begin.  The lysine worked really well for me for about a year and a half.  Then things got steadily worse for me and nothing worked until vitamin C.  My immune system is not that great even tho i take care of myself, so u may have good luck if u have a decent one.  With the vitamin c, u must 1) take it at intervals throughout the day, not all at once 2) dont increase the amount u r taking too fast 3) it will give u gas at higher doses and even diarrhea if u go crazy with it. These r signs to lower your dose!  If u can just control your OB's with vitamin c and lysine or anything else, maybe a cure will finally become available.  
    • nope1234
      any updates? worth the pricetag?  

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