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hello everyone

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hello everyone im mark from England :D id just like to say i have been suffering with g herpes for 12 years now. i used to suffer with bad anxiety and depression, this caused the thought of herpes to seem huge. for the last ten years i havent had a girl friend for the fear of having to explain and the whole world finding out. for the last 2 years i have been dealing with my anxiety and depression and to be honest as i am getting well the thought of herpes hardly comes in to my head. im getting to the stage where id like a girl friend. so what i am in the stages of doing is cleaning my self up feeling good about my self which includes staying fit, wearing good clothes, getting my sense of humour and confidence back, feeling good about myself. i think then if i go out looking for a girlfriend and i meet someone i like i wont feel so anxious about what she may think if i tell her about my problem. if she does turn and walk hopefully it wont bother me and i can keep going till if find miss right. id just like to say this thing is shit but fuck it its had me for ten years and it will have me for another ten if i stay anxious and depressed. all i can say to all you other sufferers is take a deep breath and start to walk out of the cloud it wont be easy but you have got no choice its do or die. i think as soon as you get your confidence back you wont give a shit what anyone thinks just like before you had it. oh this anxiety and herpes has caused me to become billy no mates so if any wants to pal up im here. also im not a freak im pretty normal. so if your like me get in touch. cheers ;)

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