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My advice/help for others!!!

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Hey everyone! A little background on my experience. I haven’t been professionally diagnosed via bloodwork/swab. But I’ve seen 2 doctors while having active outbreaks and they both said it appears to be herpes. My primary doctor actually prescribed me Valacyclovir to take everyday, or just when I feel an outbreak coming on. Let me just say that I’ve had this since September 2018 and when I had my first outbreak it was the most depressing time of my life. I wanted to die. I felt like my life was over. And my first outbreak lasted about 2 whole weeks and it was so painful! But after taking Valtrex, it cleared up and I pretty much got over it and realized that I’m not alone, and with the help of my prescription I can get through these painful outbreaks. I can say that I need to get better at noticing the symptoms before I get the actual blisters because to me the blisters are the worst part. Anyways, I’m writing this to tell you guys what I do when I get an unwanted outbreak and maybe it’ll help you too. I’ve had quite a few outbreaks since September. I noticed that sex with my partner can sometimes trigger an outbreak, wearing tight underwear or jeans for too long can too. When I first see a blister, the first thing I want to do is immediately start taking my Valacyclovir. The I soak in the tub. I usually will take an epsom salt bath and soak for 30 minutes. When I get out, I pat the area dry with a towel. Now this is where I may seem weird but it works for me. I have a 2 yr old and we always have a stock of Desitin (it’s a diaper rash cream) with 40% zinc. I will dab some on the effected areas(I typically get my outbreaks right on my labia minora and clitoral hood which I feel is the worst spots), put some baby powder over that, and wear really loose fitting underwear to bed. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when I wake up in the morning the blisters will basically be dried up. Not completely gone, but I feel like the desitin really helps bring them to their next stage of healing. Now because desitin can be sticky and doesn’t come off very easily, I’ll take another bath and soak. When I get out this time, I’ll rub pure coconut oil all over the area. I repeat this process everyday/night while taking my medicine, and my OB seems to disappear quickly within 3 days! For me it’s always about keeping the area as clean as possible down there, and the coconut oil really helps with the itching because itching can bring pain if you attempt to scratch to much. Bringing in the new year with an outbreak SUCKS but I think my resolution is going to be to take my Valacyclovir DAILY and not just when I have an outbreak. I hope this kind of helps some of you. Happy new year everyone!

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That's a great post! I can give you some feedback on Desitin. Zinc ointment has been studied on wounds and it shows up in a Life Extension book. I think it was their encyclopedia of remedies. Just pointing out it has nothing to do with LE. That's just their name.

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    • LadyInPink
      I have been diagnosed with genital herpes, but never with a specific type. I'm also scared now that I might have oral herpes. I have a few questions. Will the blood test tell me if I have both, or just if I have herpes in general? Is it possible to get a false positive result from a swab? I ask this because my initial genital test was a swab test that came back positive one time, and negative another. Since the positive result I've lived as though I have genital herpes, but now that I think I might have oral herpes, I'm unsure how to proceed. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. 
    • Muscha
      Hey.  I'm sorry you are going thru all of this.  I've read it not uncommon to have an additional breakout within 30 days of the initial one.  Just know, in time, it does get better.  Less painful..less frequent.  Also, the medical community is moving closer to a cure every day.  I truly believe it's not very far into the future.  This is a good place to talk...dont isolated yourself.
    • RNY18
    • alextheman
      I only take them when i feel something or a symptom.I do not take everyday and that has been working.Best thing for me is to get enough sleep and less stress.
    • Cantdothis
      I was diagnosed Monday by swab on my genitals. This is my first outbreak, I’ve been on Acyclovir since Monday. Everything was clearing up until today I noticed a new blister. 😭 Does this mean the Acyclovir is not working? Is it normal for more to pop up? The diagnosis alone has me feeling completely helpless and alone, now with the outbreak coming back I don’t know I can do this anymore. I have been crying all week.   
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