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Ways to prevent an outbreak

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The Herpes II virus has been in my system for 40 years; my husband passed it on to me shortly after we were married. Years ago, I found a website that shares herpes diet information. I printed the report, and have referred to it for years. I haven't been online to keep up with any new findings or cures in all these years, so when I just tried to find this same information site, I'm not finding it. It sure has helped me, though, and I want to share some of it with you. Number one importance is to keep the immune system strong with proper nutrition, good vitamins, and lower stress. In these 40 years, I had some extremely stressful years, and suffered chronic outbreaks until I got onto some good quality multivitamin supplements. Vitamins from the grocery store or even the health food store have never been good vitamins for building up my immune system, for the outbreaks continued. I was a member of Gold's Gym at the time, so I purchased their vitamins. They worked!! I suggest a good vitamin from a gym, for they serve bodybuilders who need quality nutrition. I no longer live near a Gold's Gym, don't belong to a gym, and now I order multivitamins through Shaklee. They are good quality, and work as well. There are foods and substances that trigger outbreaks, which are high in the amino acid, arginine. This amino acid aggravates the herpes, and brings on an outbreak. Some substances high in arginine include nuts, chocolate, and caffeine. Sad, but true, these three things have triggered outbreaks for us here in our home. I don't drink coffee, but I LOVE peanut butter.  The report gives an antidote for arginine, which is lysine. There are foods which are high in lysine.  Lysine retards virus growth, arginine aggravates virus growth. When eating a food high in arginine, counter-acting with a good dose of lysine will neutralize the arginine's attempt to aggravate.  So, I have a jar of lysine powder that I purchase at the health food store, or order off of Amazon, and when I eat peanut butter, I take 2 or 3 scoops of lysine when I eat the peanut butter, and it prevents an outbreak. My husband will use it also, and it works for him as well. It doesn't work 100% of the time, for sometimes I really indulge in large amounts of peanut butter, which turns out to be a whole lot of arginine, and to counter-act that with a larger dose of lysine, it would be a whole lot of lysine that I'm not williing to swallow. But then, there's garlic! Take the garlic dose I mention in "How to kill an outbreak", and viola! Outbreak is gone! If you google "food ratio of lysine to arginine", there should be lists of foods showing which are high in which. This report states to try to eat foods that have a higher lysine content than arginine content. If you do eat a food higher in arginine than lysine, then supplement with a dose of lysine when eating that particular food. If the ratio is pretty low in comparison, then perhaps it won't trigger an outbreak. Here is a short list of items that the report shows for each category: High in Lysine: beef, brewer's yeast, cheese, chicken, dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, milk, potatoes, soybeans, yogurt. High in Arginine:  brown rice, caffeine, chocolate, coconut, nuts, nut products, oatmeal, raisins, seeds, whole wheat bread.  So, perhaps pay attention when eating these high arginine foods, and see if they are triggering an outbreak.  I hope this helps. Short of a healing miracle from our almighty God, this is the best advice I've come across. God bless you all.  (Please read "How to kill an outbreak" on this site, and try the fresh garlic capsules to kill the outbreak at the onslaught. I hope this helps everyone.)

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    • that1youngguy
      hello all, update... so the white ulcer inside started around january 4... and today it is still there... no burning while i pee, just a constant mild irritation feel, no other symptoms i went back to get retested 2/12 so 2.5 months after exposure... including HSV, HIV, gon, chlam, everything came back negative... the doctor thinks it's some form of chlamydia, he gave my doxy for 10 days is it too soon to tell if i have HSV? is it possible to have an ulcer inside the urethra and be fungal or bacterial?
    • MikeHerp
      Probably not many.  I'm going to change my twitter symbol to the copper ribbon at least.  
    • nope1234
      okay! I guess I will just start at the basic dosage of vitamin C and go up every week little ? I take 1500 mg of super lysine like the bottle says and it still gives me gas and diarrhea. hoping it will pass if not I'll drop down to 2 a day! I really appreciate the advice! i know we would all.do ANYTNING to not have OB  at the moment idc about stigmas od boyfriends or dating or sex....I just care about FEELING healthy in my own skin. this is my one and only life 
    • Lulupazoola
      That sounds like a good place to begin.  The lysine worked really well for me for about a year and a half.  Then things got steadily worse for me and nothing worked until vitamin C.  My immune system is not that great even tho i take care of myself, so u may have good luck if u have a decent one.  With the vitamin c, u must 1) take it at intervals throughout the day, not all at once 2) dont increase the amount u r taking too fast 3) it will give u gas at higher doses and even diarrhea if u go crazy with it. These r signs to lower your dose!  If u can just control your OB's with vitamin c and lysine or anything else, maybe a cure will finally become available.  
    • nope1234
      any updates? worth the pricetag?  

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