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its over

New Grant For Keith Jerome

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Thanks for sharing.  It doesn't say the amount of the grant so I wonder whethe this is just an application or one whcih has already been approved by NIH.

They received a grant of $264,000 in 2016, apparently, to study this. 

That's good, because it means that our fund raiser could be quite relevant and helpful.  I.e., these grants are not in the millions or tens of millions of USD.



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dont quit!17
Project start date: 2018-06-12
Project end date: 2023-05-31
Budget start date: 2018-06-12
Budget end date: 2019-05-31
For once our tax dollars at work for us. I wish it was a lot more. 

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Miss Horne
13 hours ago, its over said:

Found this info. http://grantome.com/grant/NIH/R01-AI132599-01A1 Really encouraging. Just wish this stuff took weeks not years to test.  

Oh man you are telling me, I’m really suffering today and there’s nothing out there to help us.

I just can’t go on like this, my crack has had enough :S

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      Hello,    I’m three weeks into my first outbreak, the initial ob lasted a little over a week and was excruciating. It started to calm down and I was just waiting for the red marks it had left to disappear completely when another outbreak occurred. I’m really frustrated that it’s not going anywhere and I was just wondering if this is normal? The leaflet I got did say 2-4 weeks but I was hoping to hear others experiences.    Thank you so much 
    • K1009
      Hello,    I’m going through the same thing (I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago) and I was just wondering if this stopped or if you’re still getting recurrent obs? I’m not sure what to do just feeling really down that it’s not going away.    Thank you for your time
    • K1009
      Hi,  I was very recently diagnosed with HSV-1 (just over two weeks ago) and I have had “two outbreaks” in that time. The initial outbreak happened three weeks ago and lasted about 8/9 days. It was extremely painful and I was very ill, unable to move or work and completely worn down. The blisters mainly disappeared but I still had some blemishes and discomfort so I knew my body was still fighting the virus off however, this then turned straight back into tingling, itching and then blisters again straight away. I don’t know if this is even classed as a recurrence because I never got completely over the first outbreak but I am so disheartened to have had it happen again immediately after the initial outbreak. The silver lining is that the blisters are smaller, fewer and significantly less painful.   In short, I had an outbreak immediately after my first outbreak and I want to know if this is normal to get two lots of blisters in one go?     Thank you so much for your time    K x
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      Hi everyone came across this website offering remedy for diabetes solution. https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=Andym35&vendor=bloodsug
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