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Does anyone know any free dating sites for women with herpes?

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    • Antoinette63
      By Antoinette63
      I have only had sex with one female since finding out I have HSV2. 
      I’m interested in continuing to have sex with women, but every woman I approach says “You’re bi, you didn’t get that from a woman, keep that shit over there.” 
      If I do find a woman who is okay with the risk, how can we protect ourselves when tribbing/scissoring? I know for oral sex we can use dental dam  or cut a condom.
      Most websites give information for protecting yourself if you’re in a heterosexual sexual relationship, but not homosexual.
    • Kee
      By Kee
      This is just a chat for lesbians,as sex is a little different. 
    • MJ82
      By MJ82
      Please bear with me, because this is a bit detailed.
      About 6 months back, I tested positive for both HSV1 & 2 (IGG) after having a couple canker-like sores inside my mouth along with a couple of flat sores down there, which I noticed in the shower. When I was diagnosed, it was at a very stressful time in my life which must have lowered my immunity to produce my first symptoms in memory. My doctor was casual about my results, saying it was not something I needed to worry much about and that it was very common, and given I likely had this for years (anywhere from 6-12 years, given my sexual history and given that I have been celibate and single for 6 years). This was my first ever bout of mild symptoms, and he thought I might not necessarily have an outbreak again. I put it out of my mind and was relieved that my symptoms cleared up quickly. 
      A couple months after I was diagnosed, I met someone (a woman, I am a lesbian) who pursued me and things between us moved quickly. For the most part, we have only kissed a few times but one night we both had a bit to drink, and we ended up in bed briefly. For a very brief moment, the only contact she had with me is that she touched me down there (fingered me for less than half a minute), but she did touch herself at some point after. 
      A few weeks later, I noticed another small sore down there when I was in the shower, and I understood that I would need to share this with her if things were to progress, as I was having my first recurrence. I did some research on safe lesbian sex and herpes and was gutted to read that it can shed silently even without symptoms present. My ex-girlfriend used to occasionally get cold sores on her lip when stressed and I knew never to kiss her then, but I never imagined that this could be contagious without a visible sore present.
      I am absolutely distraught, and plan on speaking to her as soon as she is back from travelling. I am beside myself that I may have passed this on to her but want to approach the subject carefully and calmly with her so I don't completely freak her out, and also to arm myself with the facts. I have never been in a more miserable position in my life and could really do with some advice. She is the sweetest person and someone I began to really care about and have feelings for. I never would have knowingly put someone at risk, but I was completely under/misinformed about how this virus works.
      From everything I have now read, it seems like the risk to her would probably have been low, but at the moment my life has turned into a shell of what it was. Any advice on how to approach this talk would be greatly appreciated.
    • kat76
      By kat76
      I was curious if, when you have had oral herpes and you put your mouth on a girls vagina of that automatically would make them have a herpes outbreak? or if just because you have cold sores sometimes you should worry about having bad outbreaks ever? 
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    • oneday
      Sorry @Voyager2 it's such a garbage thing and you don't deserve that sort of treatment. I am hoping something comes out of the woodwork in the near future. I want that party in time square and I am sure @Sillybrain2 would be there too, We'd probably party all year, we've been waiting too long for this. 
    • WilsoInAus
      There’s a lot of what looks like bro science here, can you point to any studies or views by experts that support this? Lets get a few facts on the table and see where that might lead us. Does HSV 1/2 generally cause nerve damage? Experts say no. Not even the likes of Terri Warren, Anna Wald and William Halford have isentifed this. Does an infection cause nerve and other complications at the time of primary or initial infection with HSV-2. Experts say yes. It is well researched. Plenty of examples explained as Elsberg syndrome for example point to particular lesions on the spinal column that cause issues. In nearly all cases healing occurs within a few months. Note that this is not to be confused with CMV/VZV caused Elsberg which is generally more serious and sometimes permanent. All herpes related issues will respond well to acyclovir. There are also related issues with the immune system that can be triggered by viral infections, most of which are also self limiting.
    • WilsoInAus
      Keep asking away @thebrightsidegirl You’ll get some good answers from experienced folk here, mostly! For a person with genital HSV-1, yes they can get genital HSV-2 although the chances appear to be somewhat reduced. No one knows by how much. People with both types identified in the one location are very rare indeed, although there’d be under-reporting. For your boyfriend, it sounds like some testing would be a good idea. Can he get a swab if the sores?
    • WilsoInAus
      He was referring to the hijacking by @Sanguine108 you got the wrong idiot
    • WilsoInAus
      Do you? I think people can read your story and decide for themselves, please pay that respect to people to understand your full story, don't our readers deserve that?   That's mice!??! On the basis of mice you pretend that what I write is wrong? I am relaying research into humans that is far more progressed than these papers on mice. Publish one paper that shows HSV-2 has caused nerve damage (I mean damage) to genital nerves. And given that there are 4 billion people with HSV-1, show us one documented case of nerve damage conclusively from HSV-1? The problem with mice models is that their immune system does not produce human immune response interferons and natural killer cells, not to mention the enhancements to neural density that accompanies the immune response.
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